I do

I often get the question from couples if I travel.

The answer is yes.

Yes, yes, yes!

I travel to weddings all the time.

I think it’s a shame so many couples only look at local photographers. If we’re talking Australian weddings, catching a flight anywhere in this country is no problem whatsoever. I do it quite often. Today you can get cheap tickets as long as you’re out in good time. The same thing goes with international or destination weddings. My tickets to Bali recently were only $250. Accommodation in Bali was also relatively cheap.

It’s your wedding we’re talking about; get the photographer you want, get the one that you feel can capture your day. If you don’t, you will regret it for the rest of your life, trust me, I see it all the time.

It’s worth mentioning here that I don’t charge extra for traveling interstate. At least not yet. You pay for tickets and accommodation, that’s it.

So, yes, I travel.

Yes, yes, yes!

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  1. How much extra would you charge to go interstate? From Sydney to Melbourne or Brisbane say?

  2. Jonas, I’m merely 19 years old, but if you’re still in the business when the time comes I won’t have anyone else. I hope flying to Sweden is a yes yes yes :P

  3. Good to know… but then you already know I’ll call you in a couple of years when I plan to get married.. lol

  4. I am always surprised by how many couples never think of this or assume it would be too expensive. I hear all the time, “Man, I so wish you could shoot my wedding.” And then I say, but I can travel! And then they book and it ends up being awesome…but I always wonder how many people aren’t even asking about it. Same thing within Chile, flights are pretty cheap.


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