{nick & mel} ~ wedding ~ boonah

As we were driving to Nick and Mel’s wedding in Boonah, i turned to Jac and said, “I have a good feeling about today”. “You always do”, she replied. And I guess that’s true, but this time there was definitely something in the air.

Mel found her vintage 1950’s dress just a week or so before the wedding and Nick, who according to insider information “looks ridiculous” every time a camera is around, looked completely at ease all day.

Can you believe people actually pay me money to be part of amazing days like this?

Insane, I know.



Jonas your work is really good mate, I’d say in it’s own way as good as anyones, anywhere, anytime. If you have been shooting weddings for less than a year you’re a bloody wunderkind:)

Your pictures take my breath away!
Thank you!

These are so incredibly beautiful. What an amazing dress and such a happy looking bride and groom. I am however concerned about the bride’s arm in the picture of her sitting on the fence with the horse. Is that horse *eating* the bride??

grattis jonas till länken från http://foto.feber.se/ kul!

you are my favorite fotographer from now on.

You capture life so sweetly Jonas. Thank you for inspiring me.

Finns inte ord för att beskriva dina bilder! Så otroligt vackra och konstnärliga är dem. Gillar skarpt dem med hästen i just den här serien.

This is your best wedding yet Jonas. You need to post more pictures from this wedding! It is totally amazing.
This couple deserves the best life together.

Thank you again, Jonas! You completely captured the mood of the day, and each of these shots are nothing short of perfect. I must admit that Nick and I spend far too much time every.single.day staring at these pictures! I cannot wait to see the rest.

I can only agree. These are some of your best work!
Hang them high!

Stunning. I love how you capture the feel of a wedding.

You rock mate!! Fantastic work as usual!

What an amazing guestbook idea! I love the shot of the dress blowing in the air!

I love that your work is so UNIQUE, Jonas. You can look at it and say “Oh, that’s a Jonas Wedding!”

The way you processed these images gives it a timeless feel. I also like your use of space in the images it is very creatively excuted.

I just discover your pages and wonderful pictures here thanks to an article about you on trendwelt.blogspot.
It seems to me that maybe the feminine part in you is speaking while focussing on beautiful details, colours and non-colours. So unique and full of mouvement and emotions.
This is really ART in my eyes and simply a magnificent ode to LIFE!
Thank you for this visual pleasure.

Marjolijn (Belgium)

I love the frames on the wall, such a fun idea for a photobooth

What the frack!?! (Just saw “Monsters vs. Aliens”) This is mindblowing. Seriously….?!?!??! You are so awesome!

I love her wedding dress! And those pictures with the horse was amazing!

if mel ever sells her dress, i’ll be the first in line. what a stunner!

seventy two comments? that’s legendary status. stunning work.. inspirational as always.

Dina fotografier är så vackra att det värker i hjärtat.

LOVE your images, ESP the NON cliche images of the weddings & portraits and how you use diptychs. Nice work…


If I had a dress like that, I would try to find a way to wear it ev-er-y single day….

Your photos are so original, it’s amazing.

Synd att vi redan gift oss… För sådana här bilder från den dagen hade inte varit fel…

Such amazing images! Don’t suppose you’re planning a holiday to Perth in October? I’m even marrying a Swede! Surely that counts for something?! I don’t think anyone I find in Perth will match up to you now…grrr!

what a stunning dress!! but who is the designer?

That first shot is totally amazing, I love how your colors subtly pop and contrast with the hilly scene in the back. You totally rocked this entire wedding.

This is my first visit to your blog after following your link from another blog. I am SO inspired by your work!! It is so romantic and nostalgic. The image of the bride standing in front of the closed door (19th row from the top) is sooooo incredibly gorgeous..

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these are SO incredible. Think I am going to spend the next few hours going through your blog! Hope you don’t mind xxx

Excellent pictures! I especially like the picture where the lady is looking through the netting of her hat :-) keep up the good work!

Classic! :) this wedding looks really intimate and simple but elegant, the people behind this occasion made a great job.

Photography is an art, and those photos are work of art, location is perfect, the view is scenic, great shots!

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The Bride by the Front Door, I like that a lot. I like all the photos but that one works for me, the whole playing with light. Nice going.

The pictures are truly classic. The bride’s dress is gorgeous. I just love everything about this wedding of this two lovely couple.

Really love these photographs. I think the great use of depth really stands out. The love the colour too. Brilliant.

Wow, cool story on the dress.
You are so good at this! Harsh sunlit pics, and they rock!

This is great! I’ve done a few weddings as the “second” photographer with no pressures.

So nice garden wedding! Beautiful