{wedding} Marco & Daniela ~ Cap Rocat ~ Mallorca ~ Spain.

September 16, 2010

Simple yet exclusive. Lavish yet understated. Marco and Daniela.



Very, very nice.


Impressive stills and very natural & calm portraits. Pictures make an impression that everything around is so calm and the atmosphere is very laid back

Impresionante amigo. Hoy es el primer día que veo tu trabajo y me ha sorprendido. Muy sutil y lleno de ternura.

Muy buen trabajo Jonas.

stunning work. Amazing style… is always good to see your feature weddings.

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I’m looking at the Cap Rocat venue in 1st feb and have my heart set on getting married there this summer- are your a Mallorca based photographer? If so can you let me know your availability and costs- also can you tell me which church the couple featured above got married in?

Thanks in advance,


beautiful images..especially the night time with the stars and the pool area…gorgeous..

Excelente reportaje, felicidades.

Very very stunning pictures, Jonas. Your still portraits are simply amazing.

helt underbara bilder! spc den med trädet, awesjust awesome

Dom här bilderna skulle kunna funka i RES (magasinet), vilka miljlöbilder!
Vet att du haft ett seminarium i Stockholm idag, är inte så mycket för seminarier.
Men om du häller i en workshop nästa gång du besöker stan, skriv upp mig :)

Du är en sann inspiration för oss aspirerande bröllopsfotografer. Dina bilder är underbara!

Just read an interview on flickr with you. Very inspiring to see how quickly you’ve made your journey over what seems a short period of time. I understand you were good at your craft before hand but nonetheless. I have just started so you give me hope :-) Love a rags to riches story (kinda if you know what I mean)

I love these photos. I’m actually going to have my wedding at Cap Rocat in July – I contacted you for photos and would like to get in touch with Frank and Sara/Lesley Lund who did the brides makeup.

Stunning and B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L pictures!

Great shots, trying to work out how you got the stars in the sky in the last shot, must be a tripod and timed exposure? – we don’t get skied like that in London! The shot with the palm tree shadow is beyond belief, love it!

WOW – stunning wedding photography. Stunning results in difficult light!


Dear Jonas,

Absolutely incredible photos, totally breathtaking.

I represent Frank and Sara who did the Bride’s hair and make-up for the Mallorca wedding at Cap Rocat and appear in a few of the pictures. I’m writing to ask your permission to post a couple of images on our website. We could also add a link to your website. We work on many prestigious advertising campaigns as well as luxury weddings.

Many thanks and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

All the best,

Lesley Lund

its close to insane!
1. That you manage to capture moments with such a perfection one almost starts thinking it’s a movie set or something.

2. How you have gone from being a very good photographer to a conjure in about 1-2 years.

3. How you get to travel to all these magnificent beautiful locations and weddings with so beautiful details.

It’s like a dream.

I guess you deserve it in every single way. And i Think you should get to have an exhibtion at Fotografiska or something soon:)

Love this series, amazing love the look of the tunnels

What’s the name of the song?

I know you work hard at what you do and you give a crap more than most…… it shows in your images. Keep it up mate. Killing it!

Thanks for the song! Made my day.

What a breathtaking wedding. I bet your heart was pumping as you walked around….it must have felt so surreal taking that all in. These photos are so real, yet they look like cinematic stills for an exquisite movie.

totally amazing work.. incredible and inspirational.. perfect.

oh wow these are the BEST wedding photographs I have ever seen! Just awesom!!!

This is pure insanity. I can’t get over how talented you are.

Really, this is damn perfect job. Great work.

i accidently found your blog and can’t believe my eyes! Your work is absolutely stunning … very very artistic!! congrats!

Love that palm tree shadow pic. Beautiful.

your vision is beauty! SIMPLE.

Amazing, inspirational stuff – the church ones are awesome, the rest of them are awesome too.

Amazing photos. Absolutely love how you match it with the song, it’s like a fairy tale & i’m feeling the love :)

i love the journey you take the viewer on …

Truly awesome work Jonas. So many faves. Just love the way you set the scene. Makes me feel like I was there!

vilka bilder, känns som man e där. du e fantastisk

These photos are stunningly beautiful Jonas!! I am in love with their day :)

That post was a Wedding Photographer WIN^^^

wonderful set of images, so tranquil and the music is spot on.

stunning…you inspire me with every post. thank you.

Oh lord. These photos brought out emotions in me that I didn’t know I had. They create such a connection! Your work is mesmerizing. Fact.

Det är nästan så man blir förbannad … att du är så bra … hela tiden.
Underbart som vanligt Jonas!

Besides the beautiful pictures I LOVE that you have a song to go with them! Maybe you have a moment to tell me the title of the song and its artist?
Thanks for sharing.

“Simple yet exclusive. Lavish yet understated.” That pretty much sums up your work too my friend. Great images all around.

“Simple yet exclusive. Lavish yet understated.” I’d say that pretty much sums up your work too my friend. Great stuff.

This is an incredible wedding! Beautiful work!

sexy and a little dangerous… like if James Bond did wedding photography, this is how he would shoot a wedding.

Elegancia y delicadeza extrema en cada fotografía.

Una maravilla total.

El primer plano de la novia con el ramo…totalmente hipnotizador.

Enhorabuena, Mr. Jonas

Shoot. This is really really good. Thanks for taking the time to post these.

You certainly are a master of your craft. You’ve captured the spirit of every moment in your shots! Simply blow my mind!

So you, and yet so new, every time. Simply beautiful, all of it (and the couple!)

Det är så vackert att det blir jobbigt att titta.

Blown away.
And again.
And again.

Aye, aye, aye, muy bien! You’re really very good at this, aren’t you? So unique. You’re an inspiration to us all to find something new that we’ve not seen before.

Så det gjorde du… – Mamma Mia! Jag har tappat målföret för länge sen när det gäller dig. Du är ju bara så jefla bra så det är inte sant!

Very very nice, Jonas. I still find that bride portrait (the one with the tree shadow) simply amazing.

damn! you really nailed this one!

Incredible. The way you tell stories through your images is top class.

This is just stunning; absolutely amazing.

Absolutamente hermosa! Love it Jonas :)

Are you kidding me!!!? Absolutely Beautiful!!!

stunning. a great location beautifully captured

Jeez. Amazing. It would be fantastic to see you do a post on editing! Some tips and trics…

gorgeous. amazingly gorgeous.

Goodness, #121 and #300 are just amazing.

yigga, zigga ZOW.

i had to make up words for how much i like these.

simply beautiful! I absolutely love the one with her behind the bouquet, her eyes are wow!

Todd is right, your kungfu is strong. This post is like getting a 20+ fruit slash combo on fruit ninja.

You make me sick Freddy.


Unreal mate. Good stuff here.

finally. and well worth the wait. :)

I don’t know what is better – The location, or the photography. You lucky bastid.

Beautiful work Jonas! I especially love the shot with the palm tree shadow and the one with the sun burst over the bride.

Twice in one day! It’s going off at Jonas Peterson Photography :)
Lovely as always.

agree with ryan!…freaking rad next level material.

palm tree shadow pic.. right there. that’s it. your kungfu is strong.

Whoa, next level material here..