{wedding} Chris & Kim – Bowral, NSW

It was one of those days. And I sort of knew it would be when Chris contacted me. So I decided to bring along my good buddy Nirav Patel to add an extra level of awesomeness. This is what we came up with. If you want more details, this wedding was featured beautifully by Once Wed the other day – here and here.


music credit: Soley – Pretty Face (iTunes)


Absolutely stunning work Jonas, I love the wide environmental images.

Constantly amazed at your use of unique angles. And that skyyyyyyy…. whoosh…

So many great images! I especially love the tennis shots. beautiful work.

Some wonderful photos. The locations are perfect. Congratulations. It’s awesome. Greetings from Spain.

Without doubt the greatest set of wedding images I have ever seen. A good 14 hours graft here. The composition, colour and contrast is exceptional. A photographer at the top of his game and will probably get better. One of the best (photographers) of your country and up there with the best on the planet. I am trying to think of something that I don’t like about it but I can’t.
Warren UK

[…] The gown is by Pallas Couture, and that beaded bodice is just too gorgeous for words. I love how the bride paired her relatively modern gown with retro finger waves and a chic red lip to complement the theme and venue perfectly.  The pictures were taken by Jonas Peterson, and you can see tons more stunning images from the wedding on his blog! […]

otro excelente trabajo, que bien cuentas la historia de estos novios! :)

I love this wedding! This is a beautiful venue i bet!

Your endless creativity blows me away every time!

Hi, You have really interesting black and withe pictures. I am wondering what kind of post production you use. I am working in Poland as wedding photographer.
With Greatings
Ukryte w Kadrze
fotografia ślubna Łódź.

well, amazing shooting! I don’t know what else to say, I am really speachless!

congrats for the photos!

Simply amazing! My favs are definitely the long exposure with the flash at the end. That is how you did those inside dancing and party shots, right? haha

This set has inspired me. Although my style isn’t as “unsaturated” as yours, the creativity in these shots is what caught my eye. I’ll be bookmarking this site for inspiration before an engagement or wedding shoot!

Such beautiful pictures, composition and movement. Unique and inspiring. Great job!

great dress shot. great every shot. I could use a shot…

beautiful work as always

Stunning photography, I love your processing. These are beautiful photos and I know your couple will adore them.

these photos are amazing

Magnifico :)

the teeth brushing shot….gold!…..as is the whole post of course!

Spot on my friend…spot.on.

Absolutely stunning Jonas!

amazing vision!!!!

Geez man. I know you here this all the time. Wicked wedding. Especially the reflections.

Oh just stunning – each and every frame

Simply stunning! Lovely coverage.

what an enchanting photoshoot and wedding!

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Amazing coverage! Truly felt like I was there! Thanks for sharing your stunning work.

Impresionante!!! I love it.