2013 – a year in transition

It’s been a year in transition, both mentally and physically. I’ve lost and I have found and I’ve realised this journey I’m on is far from over. I’m still learning about who I am. I’ve met so many people and been to so many places, I feel it would be weird to point anyone or anywhere out. This selection of images is in no way a best of, it’s merely some notes along the way, a reflection of where I’ve been, but also in many ways of where i’m going. In a few days I’ll be posting one of my favourite weddings from 2013, so make sure you check it out. I love what I do. More than you can ever understand.

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  1. Du är en av de mest inspirerande fotografer som jag vet om. Om du någonsin behöver lite svensk assistans får du gärna höra av dig!

  2. It’s the journey that’s beautiful. We forget that when we’re focused too much on the destination as a goal. Lovely year Jonas.

  3. BREATHTAKING!!!!! May you enjoy a New Year of good health, happiness, and peace. Look forward to seeing you in LA.

  4. What a year you have had!!! Love your work big fella. The world is a richer place with your photographic presence. Look forward to seeing what you give us in 2014. Happy New Year, Jay

  5. This work is incredible,Jonas, as it always is. I am more inspired though at what you wrote. Probably the time of year that has put me in a nostalgic set of mind, but ‘the journey being far from over’ really hit home. Thank you!

  6. wonderful, jonas. so wonderful.
    i hope your 2014 is your best year yet. you and i are going through different transitions, but none the less, I’m ready to be done with 2013!:)
    hope we can continue learning and growing, and never stop… but hopefully it is all for the greater good, and we’ll find something wonderful at the end, and even along the way (as your photographs reflect, you have already, despite the transition year). hug to you.

  7. Beautiful! Thank you for Sharing Jonas, you have been to some truly beautiful and amazing places. Loved looking at a snippet of your year.

  8. For me the pinnacle of your work this year was your film wedding which had the unique Jonas stamp on it but realised in beautiful film. Well done for making it your own. This is not to detract from the other great weddings you’ve shared, especially Jan and Melissa’s, either. I hope we get the chance to see more film weddings from you in 2014 :)

  9. It is such a beautiful thing seeing someone so engrossed in what they love.Congratulations on such a wonderful year, 2013 has been MEGA!

  10. Beautiful photos and words… “I’ve lost and I have found” resonated with me as having been true for my year as well. Happy 2014!


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