800 days in the making

When I was still working as a copywriter in advertising I used to pass this driveway every day. There was something about it that intrigued me. All that white and grey with that added splash of yellow. After passing it 40 times I stopped and looked at it from a photographer’s point of view. After another 40 I actually brought my camera with me and took a photo of it. I knew I wanted to one day take a portait of someone at that very spot. Preferably someone dark haired with black or white clothes. At that time I had no idea I would be shooting weddings today. Last weekend I was in the area and I asked Melissa and Chris if they’d be willing to take a walk with me.

“I have this corner”, I said.

“You have to trust me, I think it will look cool.”

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  1. Hi, I am a very big fan of yours. You inspired me a lot, when talking about wedding photography.

    Please, please teach me how to edit like your photos. I adore every bit of it. I tried all the tutorials in Google but but, all of them seem not working for me. ;(

    Hope you can teach me to get the soft tones and muted colours like you do in every photos.

    nabila from Malaysia.

  2. Excellent as ever. I must admit to doing that kind of thing myself. Your execution of the “interesting and beautiful” continues to amaze me

  3. It’s funny how we do that. We take a look at something that we know will look amazing when photographed, but yet we hesitate. That’s awesome that even thought it took a few times, maybe 80+, you finally were able to photography someone there. It looks superb. You seriously have some amazing work.

  4. This is absolutely beautiful & the fact that it was 800 days in the making just makes it even better.

  5. The yellow looks great with the grey and white! I love it when you get to use a spot that you find in your everyday life!

  6. “You have to trust me, I think it will look cool.”

    You were right, Mr. Peterson. I love the starkness of pic with that one hint of yellow highlight. The grey asphalt and the bride adding just the right amount of depth to the image. Brilliant.

  7. I think the cloudy day helped improve the shot even more than your previous one. It brings out the tones in the floor and helps her hair and lips pop. Great shot.


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