I just got Matt and Tamsin’s album back from the printers and I’m very, very happy with the result. The quality is superb and there’s nothing like watching your images printed on beautiful fine art paper in a hand bound album. This album, a 10×10 inch, ended up with 45 spreads. I wouldn’t take a single one out.


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  1. Absolutely gorgeous album, Jonas! Thanks for stopping by the other day to say hello– I was unable to reciprocate till now (as you’ll see if you stop by again) but I’ve been a follower for some time. Cheers!

  2. Just looking at this album as an outsider its absolutely beautiful, but as a graphic designer its something completely else too. the cropping, and use of images is just phenomenal. This is the best wedding presentation I’ve ever seen.

  3. I love your shots. You’ll be shooting my wedding for sure. Eventually…however I hope it won’t be anytime soon (only 21).

  4. Please please please, Jonas. The font. Do tell and I will love you forever. And where in Indiana did you get this done? Where?

    You are the man.

  5. Jonas it’s trottoarcool and räkmacka and stunning, i just wonder what font u used and where you got it printed? was it super expensive? i wanna do something like this for my GF for our anniversary…

    Thank you for spreading so much inspiration, love you work!

  6. Not to repeat what everyone else has already said, but this is seriously amazing!!

    (And I had to do a double-take–almost thought I recognized one of the guests in the reception spread! Ha!)

  7. Not only amazing pictures, but an awesome layout that enhances the pictures even more (didn’t think they could look any better, but i was obviously wrong).

    You’re a poweful man, being able to capture moments, pieces of life, on paper. Use it well.

    Bevara ditt hjärta, det är dyrbart. Fortsätt vara du.


  8. Amazing, Jonas.
    Love your work mate, the more I come back here, the more I’m inspired. Well done in getting these shots into a book… they look fantastic, well done :D

  9. Brilliant – just Brilliant!

    Oh, and a small reflection: The couple on the last page at the right below corner are so very cute….too!;-)

  10. Jonas,
    Efter att ha hittat och följt din blogg och uppdateringar på din hemsida så har du fått mig genuint intresserad av fotografi. Jag tycker att du tar fantastiska bilder och att du dessutom skriver en mycket läsvärd blogg gör att jag numera kikar in i dina “hem” på internet minst en gång om dagen.

    Jag önskar dig all lycka i allt vad du tar dig för!


  11. It looks awesome Jonas! The quality looks fantastic too…what a gorgeous album, they are going to be ecstatic when they see it!

  12. gorgeous! exciting to see these wonderful pictures in print. i was wondering if the picture of the intrusive skinnydipper would make it in :)
    i LOVE the full-page spreads. can’t wait to make albums of my own for clients…


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