Oh, California.

Road trips. There’s something magical about seeing a country out the window of a car. Take in the landscape, smell the air change from salty ocean to pine forests. Listen to good music. Stop for food somewhere and then keep driving. Often without a goal.

This is the California I saw during a few warm weeks last fall.

Rest in peace, Leonard Knight.

Shot with an Ikoflex on Fuji 400H.

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  1. Ive been back a couple times now to see the grocery carts again. Maybe they’re supposed to look abandoned, but to me, they look cheeky. So William Carlos Williams-ishly self-important somehow. Love it. :)

  2. Hello lovely photographer. I just wanted to say that ur style is amazing..keep up the good work. Loving what you do, is everything that matters. Greetings from Estonia (:

  3. These photos make me very excited….road tripping the US for my 30th next year with John – I will definitely be seeking out some secret spots from your travels! Lake Sardine is already on the list :)


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