It’s a wonderful world

November 2006.

It was raining the night Noah was born. In a country in the middle of its worst drought in a 1000 years, the skies opened and drenched Melbourne in water. In the birth suite I could hear the rain pounding the windows with a rage I’ve never felt before. Of course there would be a flood the night Noah was born. The symbolism escaped no one. It was also obvious he had no plans to come out. It didn’t matter what we did, no creams or drips would force this little man to enter the stage this cold and rainy morning.

I had put a CD together with music both Jac and I love and for every time it went on repeat, I could see the doctors getting more and more concerned. To make matters worse, the whole room smelled of lavender, roses and lemon because of an oil burner a friend of ours had given us. On a heart monitor we could see Noah’s pulse go up and down because of all the drugs the doctors gave Jacqui.

The world smelled of lavender, roses and lemon.

And the rain kept falling.

The contractions got worse and worse, but Noah just wouldn’t budge. To the sounds of “It must be love”, I heard Jac whimper quietly, when the next song started she passed out.

It was an odd mix.

1. Concerning the UFO Sighting Near Highland, Illinois – Sufjan Stevens
2. Scythian Empire – Andrew Bird
3. Hoppipolla – Sigur Ros
4. Fruit Tree – Nick Drake
5. Breathe – Alexi Murdoch
6. It must be love – Madness
7. Sister Winter – Sufjan Stevens
8. Odi et Amo – Johann Johannsson
9. Here’s to the future – Ken Stringfellow
10. Svefn G Englar – Sigur Ros
11. Hymn For Her – The Magic Numbers
12. Casmir Pulaski Day – Sufjan Stevens
13. Somewhere over the Rainbow – Israel Kamakawiwo’ole

And just like everything else that night made perfect sense, Noah was born to a song I’ve always loved. After 24 hours in hospital the midwife told Jacqui to push. After two quick ones, and less than ten minutes, our son popped out to the sounds of the most beautiful ukulele in the world. It was seven in the morning. As I looked out the window, the rain suddenly stopped, the sun appeared behind heavy clouds and I called my family in Sweden.

Noah is born.

The sun is shining.

It’s a wonderful world.


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  1. Jonas, thanks for sharing such a wonderful memory! Your sons Birth is such a lovely reflection of what children are. They are a challenge, a worry, a concern and the absolute brightest and most beautiful thing our lives. I hope you are enjoying your now Toddler! *and he couldn’t have picked a better song to come into this world to…*

  2. Thank you for sharing that lifechanging moment, Jonas. I feel the same way about that song by Israel K. It was actually performed by my brother and father in law at our wedding two months ago. It was truly undescribeable (at least for me who, unlike you, don’t have the ability of writing).

  3. Jonas, many heartfelt congratulations! Beautiful story, I’ll build that playlist and think of rain and birth in a dry country.


  4. när jag lyssnar på musiken efter att ha läst din text så får jag tårar i ögonen. Jag lyssnade inte på musik under min två förlossningar men jag förstår så väl din känsla…låten passar så fint in

  5. Your talent and candor have once again inspired chill bumps! Just like your images do. You have a knack for making outsiders seem like we’ve snuck in to your world uninvited. I’ll take a glimpse of beauty any day.

  6. one of my favorite songs too – and i heard it for the first time in years just this weekend. funny. thanks for sharing the playlist :)

  7. perfect! having a son named Noah, this hit home for me, too. I love that song, used to live in Hawaii…where “bruddah Iz” is extremely popular. Great story, Jonas. thanks for sharing!

  8. Your CD is a lot like my snowy day mix (which I listen to on snowy days..! with a mug of hot chocolate and a big blanket), only I’ve got a bit of Bjork and Antony and the Johnsons on there too.

    I enjoy making soundtracks, music is particularly good at capturing a moment. Aural photographs, snapshots of memories.

  9. I am in my sixties. I love the time I spend with your boys Noah & Joel because it reminds me what a wonderful world it really is. We find joy in things like rolling in the grass and looking up at the clouds; playing “hop scotch” on one leg; or just enjoying licking an ice-cream in a cone together. Pure joy!

  10. Vilken vacker historia. Sitter på mitt jobb och har haft en helvetiskt stressig dag,är precis på väg hem och avslutar dagen med din vackra berättelse. Tack.

  11. Thanks for sharing this story.

    It was very similar to me giving birth to my first born. He did not want to be born, too comfy on the inside. We woke him up by giving birth. And you know what? My son loves the rain. The more rain the better, he has to go out and dance. Still now at the age of 11. Love it!

    Ready now to search the other songs on your list.

  12. Kind of puts things into perspective when you experience something as amazing as this. It is indeed a wonderful world and we are pretty lucky guys.

  13. Beautiful sir… Thank you for sharing. Thank you too for stimulating the replay of my family’s birth story.


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