{wedding} john & kimberley, lawrence, nsw.

“They burn the cane fields at night”, she said and lowered her head.

“I’m sure it doesn’t compare to all the wonderful places you’ve been to this year, but we like it”, she continued.

Kimberley was afraid country New South Wales wouldn’t measure up. What could Lawrence, NSW have to offer compared to Bali, Spain, Colorado, New York and all the other places I’ve been lucky to visit this year?

That was her concern.

Well, as it turned out, Lawrence had a whole heck of a lot to offer.

It’s never about the places.

Always about the people.


This wedding is also featured on Polka Dot Bride today. Head over there for more details.

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  1. Du är så jäkla bra! Jag får gåshud!
    The one with the sunset is just amazing! I love looking at all your albums! It’s hard to believe that you’ve ever worked with anything else! I can’t imagine any of your customers not being satisfied with the pictures… All the albums are AMAZING!

  2. Absolutely love the hero shot in the sugarcane field, from the light, to the framing, and the daisies in the foreground. Just spectacular.

  3. Hi! I am a big fan of your sit and always check out your work! I have to let you know that I thought about one of your post at a wedding this weekend where I had to bring out all the stops to get that epic shot!:) Just thought I let you know that even your words and most defiantly your work inspire photographers across the world! Cheers and happy shooting!

  4. They should change Laurence’s name to Awesometown. You’re SO right – it’s always about the people – and you always remind us of that so beautifully Jonas… love this one.

  5. Jonas – this is truly beautiful! They’d have to be over the moon with those pics! Another masterpiece!

  6. please kimberley read these comments and tell me where you got that dress!!
    and jonas of course, stunning as always… definitely see what you mean about fabulous people over fabulous location :)

  7. Wow. What a great wedding. Looked like so much fun!

    Love love the field shots. Go Australia! (plus the bride is super beautiful). That helps.

  8. your images always make me cry! you capture the real emotion – that photo of the bride’s mum – it makes me feel like I am standing in the room with her.
    love love love your work.

  9. The shot with the blue car, bride and groom in the cane field is just stunning. One of my favourite shots of yours ever I think. Love it.

  10. You’re story telling is amazing these days Jonas. Your images have always been great.. but you can really take me there now. That’s something on an entirely different level to me.


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