the defining moment

As I was taking this shot of Erin and her mother just minutes before they left for the ceremony, I remember thinking how lucky I am. People let me into their lives every weekend, I see so much love and I actually get paid to capture it. I know I go on about this all the time, but I have a pretty fantastic job. My time in ad-land seems so far away at times. No more presenting ad campaigns to people who couldn’t care less, no more meetings with people who resent what I do, no more fake smiles and handshakes.

Instead love and happiness in abundance.


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  1. What a wonderful picture! Which objective are you using? The light is amazing. You are so gifted!

  2. WOW! that look in her yes, it’s beyond.
    She couldn’t care less about that corsage, her daughter’s about to be wed.

  3. i agrees. though it also makes me a little nervous when it comes to the day itself – feel the weight of the responsibility…
    love this image, the way that the one detail that is most important – the look in the mother’s eyes – stands out so clearly.

  4. The look in the mother’s eyes is absolutely priceless. You’re an ad-land recoveree and I think it’s wonderful you truly know how lucky you are…it’s real, it’s raw and captivating.

  5. Well put man. I know exactly what you mean. This is the life, and I’m sure lucky to be where I’m at now.

    I should have seen your work long before now, but someone pointed me in your direction. There is a handful of photography I connect with – yours is a part of that.


  6. Very nice picture, and I find myself nodding in agreement – being a bagpiper at several weddings a year puts me in the same environment although not as intimate as you get to be. Underbart :)


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