{wedding} Claire & Nick ~ Terrara House Estate


All images edited with VSCO FILM.

music credit: Where I Found You – Future Islands (iTunes)

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  1. Absolutely amazing images. This wedding looks amazing and the love this couple has for each other comes through in every photo. I especially love the one of them standing on the giant chessboard!

  2. Jag återvänder ständigt till din sida, önskar att jag kunde gifta mig igen :)
    Jag fullkomligt ÄLSKAR bilden med brudgummen sittandes på grinden och bruden bredvid, den berörde mig. Likaså bilden med brudparet på schackbordet, vackert!
    Du har säkert hört det tusentals gånger, men dina bilder berör mig väldigt, några mer än andra. Mitt absoluta favoritbröllop är det du gjorde i Colorado…
    Jag är helt såld! :)

  3. I love your photographs, they are always wonderful but if I can be honest, I think I prefer the finish when “all images ARE NOT edited with VSCO FILM.”

  4. Your work always takes my breath away! Always so full of emotion, and a true story of the wedding day told through your images. That last image is stunning!

  5. Congratulations on being one of the ten best wedding photographers of the year. Your work is absolutely outstanding. The pictures are incredible. So filled with stories. So filled with love. Thank you for sharing your work.

  6. Jonas, i just held my breath scrolling through these magical photos. So much love at this wedding and you caught it all so beautifully.

  7. You’re so good. You makes me smile, you show us love like if it were just magical moments. Hope you’ll continue a long time to light up my days. And I hope one day I could call you for my wedding ! Wish you a happy new year :)

  8. gillar verkligen när man får se dem lite innan bröllopet också, i deras vanliga kläder. då får man också en liten känsla för deras personligheter och så :) sen skulle jag gärna vilja veta var- vilket land/stad- dessa bilder är tagna. Jag fick en känsla av franska landsbygden, men tvivlar på att det var där ni var. Så ett önskemål att du även skriver ut länder i inläggen.

  9. Wow, Love your VSCO work very much! I am very much impressed by your work which is so relaxed and spontanious. No classy posing whatsoever. I like that.
    I want to meet you, I want to learn from you! Do you ever shoot in Europe?

  10. You bought the beauty out of our wedding in a totally unique and heart warming way. We’re still getting compliments on the photos, often from complete strangers and people that were not invited.
    These are our favourite. Though we are bias, obviously. Can’t wait to see the book!

    Claire and Nick

  11. So incredible…for some reason that chess picture totally gave me goosebumps…I LOVE your work man, but you already knew that didn’t you? ;)

  12. Definitely one of my favorites. I love that gut feeling I get from every single picture – a delight both for the eye and for the emotions.

  13. I don’t think I’ve commented on one of your postings before, but felt I should today. This group of photos have been my favourite so far to date. Just magnificent!


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