A distant dream

August 23, 2012


Hi Jonas, I was wondering if you would ever be posting a full wedding of Lelian & Sarra? This photo is probably my favourite of yours ever, it’s torturous to see only the one! I’m also absolutely in love with her dress! I know it’s a girly thing to ask, but do you know who the designer is? Amazing work as always!

What a striking composition- so simple, yet elegant – breathtaking work!

You have some excellent compositions among these shots. Well done!

so beautiful…one of my favourites of yours so far x

Wow — so stunning.

Amazing how you capture the moment. I almost feel like I was there. What are your favourite lenses to use when taking pictures with a “faded” effect?

Timeless ¡ Beautifull Jonas ¡

Interesting (brave?) crop. Such a delicate image – beautiful work as usual Jonas. Forever an inspiration to me!

Love the mood! and that’s a befitting title.

you are amazing i love your work!!

Intense moment – Perfectly captured!

love this one jp. ethereal.

Nostalgic, so beautiful \o/

Holy Crap this is stunning! :)

You were meant to be there to take that photo.

beautiful bride and beautiful capture jonas! lovely.

wow !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That’s a rather lovely portrait. Rather lovely indeed.

Amazing shot Jonas. Love the calmness of the picture. It is showing so few things but it is so calm that you can look at it forever. Maybe that doesn’t make sense but it is true…

Very dreamy indeed! Utterly beautiful Jonas. Uluwatu is a special place to me, so I really hope you get time to do a full post on this at some point.

Your blog is ever the best meeting point in a hard day… Thanks Jonas !!!

In the thick of wedding season, I haven’t had much of a chance to browse other people’s blogs… and then I clicked on this. Ho. Lee. Cow.

I love this picture, Jonas.