Mildly inspired by that painting we all know

May 30, 2011


This photo is breathtaking! Love the colour grade and location. Where is this shack? Is it open to the public.

Awesome stuff. Killer edit. Great re-make of the original.

You never seize to amaze JP :)

This is just awesome!

This picture is GREAT!
I love it. Thanks for sharing!


Skitbra på simpel svenska:) HDR?

Well I will expect to see this again shortly at the front of the APPAs book. Very fabulous.

At a time when imitation is rife I’m gobsmacked that there’s still so much innovation and originality out there. I can’t be the only person who would hang this on their wall?

As my Nan would have said if she’d have thought to “Them that can, do. Them that can’t spend all their time trying to work out how Them that can did it!”


Genius! You’ve taken wedding photography to another level… again.

Too funny… it reminds me of the painting of the farmer with the pitch fork and his wife. But then again, that’s probably what you were going for.

I love it! It’s great that your wedding parties trust in you and enter into that agreement that what you request will be good. Awesome.

No Problem Jonas, I thought that would be the case, Maybe I could email you and pick your brain just a little bit? I am studying a professional Photography Diploma with George Seper as my Tutor. He is very cryptic sometimes lol….but if I could ask you a couple of questions about a couple of the effects you get that would be an amazing boost to my work

Beautiful. So peaceful. It’s nice to follow your work and see how it changes and becomes more individual post after post. Trevlig Midsommar till dig från regnig Helsinki! :)

Another stunning masterpiece!!! You are fantastic Jonas!

Very cool JP – love it!!

Wow wow wow! There is just something amazingly unique and stunning about your photos. Awesome awesome work.

Amy-Lee: A lot of people ask me that and I find it very flattering. Unfortunately I don’t think it’s fair to my clients to bring someone else along just to watch me, so right now I’m turning down all such requests.

Joel: Nah, just the good ole 5DII.

MF? Lots of good elements, great outcome.

Holy Cow what a Effing fantastic picture!!!! This might be a bit forward but your work leaves me gasping for breath, I’m shocked every time at how good your images are, I feel like a novice looking at you work. So I have to ask you Jonas would I possibly be able to tag along on a shoot with you sometime???? I would love to learn from watching your work. It would be an honour to study you on a shoot one time. Thanks for considering :)

Jonas thank you so much! Lauren and Josh are truly blessed to have you as their photographer! When we drove past this before the ceremony and I though that is awesome! I’m glad you thought so too, they look amazing! You are an artist! Can’t wait to see more!

Jonas – you are a master!

Jonas, I am in awe of this. Cannot wait to see the rest of the photos from Lauren and Josh’s wedding!

oh my word – its pure genius – its pure you! It shouts Jonas in the bestest possible way – its dramatic, understated, shouting, whispering awesomeness! (and good on you if you understand all that!) :)

so good mate. fantastic concept

Ha!! This is fabulous:) Thought it was a painting for a minute!

Fantastic! The Grooms expression is perfect!