Ezra & Michelle

March 6, 2011


This is so cute! love it!

Oh my gosh!
I love these. I love the you’ve displayed them. I often find it so hard to decide which shots to include on the blog, this must have caused you a bit of a headache..
Good job

Oh my gosh!
I love these, love the way you’ve displayed them as well.. I know I find it hard to decide which shots to leave off of the blog…this must have caused you a right headache.
Good job!

The total simplicity and marvelousness of their personalities. I love it.

This is too cute for words.

A wonderful moment broken into touching slices of time.

Very cool as always. Love the colors!

Great series! Love that subtle tilt shift!

LOL – gotta love these moments at a wedding :D

Caught the essence of them.

My beautiful sister and my handsome new brother in law. Thank you Jonas.

Well done Jonas. Well done.

WOW. The expressions on their faces… haha :D