the farm

Jacqui’s family breeds race horses, so now and then we jump in the car and drive up to their farm in Warwick and a world very foreign to me. I’m a city boy myself, but I love going there and I respect horses. I got thrown off one once, but I still love being around them. Sometimes they try to bully me, but nowadays I just stare back. Always the same standoff; the city boy with the camera and the horses gathering around me. Here are a few photos I’ve taken up at the farm the last year or so. I can’t wait to go back and shoot some more.


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  1. These images show the true beauty of a horse….I too love being in thier presence…magical creatures…magical photography..mind if I show them on my blog I will credit you of course…!!!

  2. Jag tittar ofta in hos dig men är dålig på att kommentera. Du tar helt fantastiska bilder och som inbiten hästtjej kan jag inte annat än älska dessa bilder. En stor inspirationskälla är du och jag älskar hur du alltid lyckas fånga ljuset och få bilderna sådär magiska!


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