Film Travels III

August 13, 2012

For the last three years I have been on the road from June to August. I’ve met some amazing people and shot some fantastic weddings. On my free time I still love to take photos, but for my personal work I choose to capture everything on film instead of digital. There’s something about film that still holds my heart in a tight grip. The images have another soul  and breathes of imperfection and life. And every time I shoot film, I secretly wish that I could shoot more of it for the work I do. Here are just a few frames from Lipari in Italy and my home away from home – Bali. Shot with a Canon EOS 3 on Fuji 400H with a number of prime lenses.


Found your inspiring post on EOS 3 – seriously researching the camera body so I can get stuck into more film work! Thank you!

Loved the simplicity in your words and images

These are beautiful, film or not, fantastic work.

U shot my way man:-) It’s a good way! I like photos of this post!

Because of this I am walkin’ out of my house, right now, with my Film SLR :)

I love your photos Jonas! Very nice!!

i really-really like your photos when you’re in Bali..
it’s very natural..

salam dari Indonesia :)

Seriously, those boys of yours!

I remember the EOS 3 very well… for all the practicalities of digital cameras, I still miss the depth and, as you eloquently put it, the ‘imperfections’ of film…. a great set of images as well Jonas :)

Crazy, crazy beautiful brilliance. Putting film in my EOS3 right now.

I’ve been using film too for all of my personal work since this past May. I love the look it gives me and I think the quality and the feeling from it are so important for documenting your own family. There’s no reason why you can’t be a 100% film shooter or at least 90%? Go for it! I’m making the switch and feel totally liberated and feel like I’m coming home :)

nice, makes me want to get back in to film photography. Thanks for the inspiration. You make a difference in the world, that’s awesome.

Awesome images. Jealous of the travels man!

Just lovely Jonas. But I think your little ones stole the show :)

Ah…I was scrolling down and saw something that was so familiar…Ubud…Bali..Man I miss travelling <3

Love all these. Film is amazing. Beautiful!

Absolutely stunning, love the colours. The first shot of the yacht is my favourite.

I remember I had a Canon EOS 3 back in the day for like a month, it was expensive and I felt so guilty for paying so much for a camera back then I could not bear it and sold the camera again within a month.. this was ages before digital came along and re wrote the book on what cameras should cost! now I sit with a Contax 645, Nikon F100 and a gorgeous Canon EOS 50 and no film!!

ah, these images. and being paired with sigur ros, makes them even more magical.

Hey Jonas, Love this set of pics – there’s a lot of fun going on there. The stuff of instant nostalgia.
The EOS 3 was my last film camera before moving over to digital (10 years ago?) and I remember wondering why my new amazing 6mp digital SLR wasn’t able to produce the same quality! The semi-pro EOS couldn’t be anywhere as good as the new digital Nikon, right?!!
I’m still looking for a mint EOS 3 today…

Beautiful. I am so glad I bought the august edition of frankie. Coming across your photographs is a blessing.

Absolutely love seeing your boys faces pop into your images! Wonderful work

Great photos as usual! Especially enjoy the landscape ones, and your boys are adorable!

Superfina! När får man se bilder från ditt eget bröllop? Nyfiken!

Niiice! Love the film look! I wish I could do some film shoots too in near future!

Love them all. Particularly the one of your 2 boys with cameras around their necks. Too cute!
Bali holds a special place in my heart also, and I love your images from there.

Insipiring, I love using film for personal work!

herregud…is that brad pitt having a snooze ???

I do not know if you read all the comments, But i will say.
This is so good, simplicity and purity.

You are a great inspiration for me.

Jag vet inte om du läser alla kommentarer, men vill säga att detta är så bra, enkelhet ock renhet.

Du är en stor inspiration för mig.

i always love seeing your person posts and look forward to them. your boys are just adorable :)

Fantastic series! No need to say this but you have done it again. :)

Wonderful pictures!! The first picture is amazing. Really nice work!

Absolutely beautiful work. So many amazing places.

Beautiful photographs.. I wish we could get this look / feel while shooting digital.. is there any way..

The first photo is great. Such a tranquil mood. Totally agree on the appeal of the film.

You could write a fairy tale about your travels! Love the music, what is this?

lovely.. first one is my fav.

wow, good stuff. Film is so rewarding, I hope it never dies and doesn’t get more expansive than it already is… :)

Hey, is that Brad Pitt? #nordicadude

glad someone else got to witness what a slacker jakob is :)

This seems to have been a wonderful time Jonas. Great story in wonderful pictures !

SO rad Jonas. Love the shot of your kids in their helmets. :)

Lately I’ve been getting the itch to start shooting film.. your work is one great example of why it’s still worthwhile to use film!

Really beautiful work, they somehow to me seem more relaxed. Great work.

You do good work… I don’t care what anyone sez…

well then you won’t mind me saying i secretly wish you shot more of it in your work, too :) lovely.

I’m dropping off a bunch of 400H at my lab from our family trip to Cebu. Been loving it for travel shooting. Great work.

Beautiful images, Jonas! There’s something about film that digital can’t have. I promised myself that I would get a film camera this year and I’ll try to capture my daughter life, like my father did when I was very young. Thank you for the inspiration, my friend!

This just makes me want to hop in a plane and explore the world!

I never realised before but you’re right, film definitely has a special look. Its nostalgic and suits vacation photography perfectly!

Thats the business, man. The more I see shooters I follow shooting film the more I notice the massive difference between that and digital. And the more a badass case of GAS rears it’s head.

There’s something so satisfying about shooting personal work on film. These are really, really lovely.

great set dude how good that you take your boys on your travels ! so awesome

beautiful work. love the light hitting the man with his wheelbarrow.

I love your film work Jonas…and I totally agree about the ‘soul’ sentiments…there’s just a hint of magic…

So beautiful shots, Jonas! So impressive.
Big hug from Brazil, man.

Beautiful photos, I love them. Can you tell me what cameras your kids have? They look great. I want to get one for my little boy. Thanks:)

the bali bliss are my favourites!

a beautiful set. the first is a dream.

Jonas, Jonas, Jonas, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful :-) Thanks for sharing your journey and love of film. Thanks for the soul massage :-)

Beautiful… Wish I could’ve been there on nuptial day! Love all the pics, friend. :)