Photo Pro Magazine

November 9, 2009

I’ve been featured in Photo Pro Magazine, the largest photography magazine in the UK. The article was written by Kat Williams and you can read the whole piece over at her blog, Rock n Roll Bride. Most of the images, as well as this one below, are from this wedding.



Congrats, PB! Great stuff.

Congratulations! Your work rocks, and this is well deserved.

Hey Jonas, just wanted to take a moment to congratulate you on your success. What an interesting journey you have travelled since starting your photography business. Well done! It is great to see someone follow their passion & in turn reap the rewards. Your images are stunning & I love all of them. Happy snaping. Shell (Jacq’s old Clemenger buddy).

nej, nej, nej detta går ju inte! Så här känd får du inte blir, buuhuuu, det är ju bara, ja… typ jag som ska fatta hur bra du är juh! Du ska ju fota på mitt framtida bröllop/barndop (jag har varit förlovad i 7 år och är ännu inte gravid så du behöver ju inte göra någon bokning i kalendern än visserligen, men ändå, en flicka får väl drömma!) och i den här takten kommer du vara så bokad så du inte kommer att ha tid med mig, buuuhuuu. Och efter den gärslig hardangen stämmer jag självklart in med föregående talare och säger ett STORT GRATTIS!!!

congrats dude, you deserve to be in the spot! cheers from Mexico.

you are a champion mate. i can’t believe we managed to snare your skills and vision for our wedding just as you were starting your amazing career as a world renowned wedding photographer. you are a talent beyond belief! well done my friend.

Congratulations! Maybe now you’ll start getting some bookings. ;-)

holy crap… this is amazing… you are amazing!

Woohoo! I’m off to find the magazine tomorrow, and I am so looking forward to seeing your photo in the magazine rack! The first cover of many, I’m sure!

Currently sitting atop my rest time reading pile and a very good read it makes for too.

Nice work!! You deserve it!! :)

Congratulations Jonas!

You really are an amazing photographer. Your photoshots have something extra. Something that I can´t put my finger on.

I´m a hobby photagrapher who wants to learn more (and more and more…) do you know any god sites or blogs that can give me inspiration or some good technical advices?

Tack igen för en superbra blogg!
Kram Linda

that image looks great on a magazine cover. How hard is it to wipe the smile off your face today?