{portraits} erin & stefan

January 27, 2011

When I was in Cali last year I also met up with talented photographer Erin Lassahn and her boyo Stefan. We started out shooting down in Laguna Beach and then the plan was to head up to Black Star Canyon north of Mission Viejo for some shots around sunset. As we were driving up, I notice we’re running out of time, the sun is about to disappear behind the mountains. What to do? I see a nice spot up a hill, so I figure it’s all or nothing. I stop the car and tell (yell to) Erin and Stefan to scramble up the hill. I SWEAR Erin thought I was mental. She looked at me like I was a mad man. That slope was steeeeeep. Anyway. I’m glad we scrambled. I was going to blog these the day Stefan pops the question, but you can only wait so long, buddy. No pressure.


Absolutely amazing use of light! Gorgeous!

Love your style. You used the sun so well.

sweet minimalism in the last shot, nice composition

That silhouette shot is killer!

Ya can’t go past a Cali Sunset. The last silho is ace Mate :)

Amazing work, as always Jonas.

I’m sitting in the Miami airport right now having been out of the country all week and otherwise offline, and I am so thrilled to come back to find we’re on the blog! Thanks so much for sharing the images, we are still loving them and I get so many compliments on your beautiful work. Also, thanks for giving Stefan a kick in the pants, he needs it ;-) Funny intro!!

oh yay! i was waiting to see these too :) erin you are just so lovely… i think this is the first time i’ve ever actually met someone in your pictures before jonas :) love seeing erin captured through your eyes. i lol’d at your paragraph too. no pressure :)

erin told me all about this story and she was so excited wondering if you’d ever blog these photos… amazing as usual

Love the 2 of her smiling, simple yet awsome!

all pictures are awesome. the last one is my favorite.

Fantastic shots. Love the shot with the sun and the last one. Killer set.

You are talented Jonas and people look up to you. It’s a hard thing to get used to, but I think you are handling it like a pro. I’m happy to be an online witness to the journey.

Great portraits Jonas, congrats.

Gosh! You photograph absolutely beautiful! Goooorgeoous.

gorgeous Jonas, I love the backlit shot on the hill.

The last silhouette is really cool – a bit different from usual ones..

wow yeah, the light is gorgeous! Nice captures!

Gorgeous. You need to visit Cali more often. It seems to like you.

LOVE the framing of that third to last one. A bit of scramble is always worth it.

absolutely gorgeous! got jonas written all over them!

wow these are unreal – love the subtle editing on the last one (well i’m assuming there’s a dash of editing – although with you you never know you probably nailed that straight out of camera!). inspiring stuff as always.

You’re going to hear this from me a lot…your work is amazing!! Thanks for sharing.

Just beautiful! It was definately worth the scramble up the hill.

Stunning as always Jonas!!!! I truly love your style.

Beautiful. I’ve always loooved the sunset photo of them. Glad you blogged them!