{geoff & cait} ~ wedding ~ brisbane

Geoff and Cait.

My first couple of the year. Seemed like a nice mellow wedding to begin the year with. And it was awesome, just different from what I expected.

No shenanigans, just a quiet one on the river, I said to myself the morning of the wedding.

Boy, was I wrong.

It was teh shiznut.

You’ll find a slideshow to music here, don’t miss it.


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  1. Great shots. Really distinctive, in a field that becomes more indistinctive every day. I especially like the top, in car shot, and the bride with the trees.

  2. Jonas, just got that butterfly feeling when i saw these-can’t wait to see your take on our wedding in November- beautiful work:)

  3. Really really beautiful photos again Jonas! And a lovely looking couple! Mmm. Weddings. Does bring a tear to your eye doesn’t it? :)

  4. SERIOUSLY???? This is ridiculously amazing work, jonas!!! The one I shall title “random lipstick in the limo” blew my freakin’ mind!!! i wanna be like you when I grow up.

  5. Jonas, these are just fantastic.
    I particularly like they way that these photos are grainy- really add to its authenticity and creates a somewhat nostalgic mood.
    Excellent work mate, love it!

  6. truly amazing, i want you to do my wedding..iff i ever have one haha
    love your work jonas!!

  7. Great shots! They flow together very well and tell a story. What kind of plugin did you use to add the grain? Looks very film-like

  8. WHOA! i will echo my boy jeremy’s sentiments….B-R-I-L-L-I-A-N-T!
    man, that detail shot of the dress quivers my giblets. your portraits rock man. killa.

  9. Jonas, you are truly one of the best wedding photogs I’ve ever seen.

    My favorite from this post is the backlit one of the bride down by the river with the bouquet in her hand. Stunning!!!

  10. I looooove the picture of the bride infron of that amazing tree.
    you have outdone yourself!!


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