Harbour Island, Bahamas.

February 22, 2011

I’m currently in Vegas for WPPI, but the last week I’ve been in the Bahamas. Let’s just say it was hard to leave. You will see plenty more from this wedding when I get back home.


the last pic is deliciously soft and wonderful!

Den andra bilden, jag dör vad vackert.

been to this place. just as beautiful as the pictures let me tell you.

The last picture is perfect!!!

That last shot is very interesting to me, for some reason. Nice! : )

I love the simple composition and the color of these photos. The tiny sliver of blue water in the last one is perfect. :)

gorgeous. that last shot is dreamlike – can’t wait to see more!

Lovely photos from the Bahamas. Well done!

Oh, and the container with the little girl on is not chili sauce, it is salt. :) Although I use that container almost every day I never realized it was so pretty. Thank you.

i know i haven’t commented in awhile, but i just wanted you to know that yours is one of the only blogs that i leave google reader to view each post for. i make a big deal out of viewing a jonas peterson post.

This blogg is absolutely great. The photos are absolutely stunning. I wish I would ever learn to take pictures which are only half as beautiful as yours…

killer. looking forward to the rest of the set :)

Nice salty prelude. I look forward to more tropical goodness from this.

Lovely photos Jonas.

Wow. great photos. I just back from Harbour Island about a month ago. Amazing beach and really enjoyed my meal at Romora Bay Resort and drinks and Sip Sip!


Dude. The last shot kills me. I can’t wait to see them and I’m jealous on top of it. :D

Inspirational seeing indeed.

Javier Bardem and Penelope Cruz got married there too. Anyway, I like the small can with the picture of a little girl next to the the…is that a chili sauce?

Javier Bardem and Penelope Cruz got married there too :)
By the way, I like the small can with a picture of a little girl next to…is that a chili sauce?

Oh my. Makes me wonder why the hell I choose to live my life in a place where it’s 13- today…

Beautiful shots. Thank’s for sharing other captures than wedding-photos.

The colour of that ocean! Divine.