To build a home.

Isn’t that what it’s all about? It hit me in the middle of the reception when I saw Zilla and Jon surrounded by friends and family in the house where Jon grew up. The beautiful house where Jon’s parents had brought up all their children was now the setting for Jon’s wedding.

And it was perfect.

I hope I one day get to experience something like this again. For now I leave you with my impression of this day of days. I hope I managed to capture it well enough.

The lovely blog  Polka Dot Bride is featuring this wedding today, head over there for more detailed info.


That’s awesome!!!it seem like to tell a story of their can you do that amazing.

As usual, these are absolutely gorgeous photos of a beautiful wedding. I especially like the ones in the grove of trees and in the cave. The landscapes are unbelievable!

Just came across this post, and beautiful images. Bethell’s Beach is our local, and so amazing. You’ve done such an amazing job capturing the ruggedness of the landscape, and beauty of the couple!

Beautiful, especially in love with the dress!

Your photography is truly art. I love your images and the compositions and detail you capture.

Beautiful. I’m a wedding photographer in New Zealand as well and it’s great to see this from another perspective. Keep up the great work :)

beautiful! where bouts in nz is this? I shot a wedding on the beach in Whangamata a few months ago =)

A great document of the day, but those bridesmaids look ferocious!

Inspiring work. The use of gray scale and grand landscape is reminiscent of Ansel Adams. Rich textures and beautiful lighting. Well done.

I don’t like coming around here very often because it usually ends with my jaw smashing off the floor. Once again you blew me away. The portraits are lights out on this set Jonas.

Jonas you’re a huge inspiration – thank you!

sheesh, brother!!! as if you needed another person telling you, but I couldn’t resist…These are mind blowingly beautiful. you continue to amaze and inspire me. cheers!

Holy Cow what a great wedding. You have soooooo many fabulous shots and creative angles here I am astounded you managed it all in one wedding. Something to aspire to for sure.

Wow – what an incredible location! The cave shot was just awesome, and loved the close up of the sand.

More inspiration for my sole, your work is gorgerous, imaginative and complelling. I love the true to life and vibe it protrays.

Man Oh Man! You take amazing photos!!! Just love your work very inspiring :-)

I really like your pictures! Love the colors also!

Amazing, amazing pictures! Right now, you’re my favorite photographer! Damn! You’re good man! Hej dig Jonas! :D

Very nice pics. You can feel the joy and love.

WOW! You got some EPIC B&G shots! Amazing!

Brilliant! Beautiful!

The pictures near the cave are wicked!

The phone just rang & snapped me out of this most incredible LOVE dream I was having with my eyes open!

Simply wonderful Jonas. Moving images which speak volumes. You are such an inspiration.

Jonas, as always these are fantastic. I love the wide shots of the bride and groom, particularly with them at the beach facing away reflecting in the water. That image is a classic. Great storytelling. You’ve captured so many special moments.

Your pictures have an amazing tone to them… very intimate

….I quite literally don’t know what to say. Incredible, incredible.

You have a mystic way of making me feel like I am right there with them- but with such emotion and presense that I almost feel embaressed for intruding into thier moment.

Love it.

UGHHH! I would totally get married just so you could take my wedding pictures!!!! Since you’re booked for a while, I still have a chance! I’ll work on it. haha. But seriously, your photos reign supreme. =)

Holy Moses! Why do you have to be so awesome? Seriously Jonas, your work is truly amazing and inspiring!

That’s extreme awesomeness, so inspiring, so pretty!!

Du är helt fantastisk! Som vanligt!!

Your pictures is more than just art!

and that’s all i have to say.

This doesn’t help alleviate my lust for travel in the slightest! :~) Your landscape work is beautiful Jonas. The wedding work is, needless to say, likewise. It’s great to see how yet again your distinctive visual accent doesn’t mask the individual voice of the wedding that you’re documenting. Beautiful story-telling imagery.

very nice pictures. i love it!

Jag rös efter första meningen, jag fryser efter sista bilden. Du har ju fångat det så otroligt bra att det är inte klokt.

Underbara bilder av ett festligt, personligt och stimmigt bröllop. Min absoluta favorit är strandbilden där de står och ser ut över havet i den våta sanden, tätt tillsammans, vackert!

Well Jonas, you did it again. As some one else said, it feels like I was there. And the dress, oh my god, the dress! It might just be the prettiest dress I’ve ever seen. Keep up the good work Jonas, the couples having you shooting their wedding are more lucky than they can ever imagine.

HEEEELT MAGISKA BILDER!!!! Tack för inspirationen…

Amazing photage as usual.
I happened to be listening to “Goin’ to Acapulco” (Jim James & Calexico) when I watched them, and the two was a perfect match.

Whenever I visit your site, I end up digging trough your past weddings; spending quite some time looking at your amazing work. Another great wedding. Keep up the great work Jonas!

Beautiful stuff, Jonas. I know that I’ve seen it before, but even seeing it again, the portrait in the field with that cloudy sky behind them is stunning.

What stunning scenery with images to match.

“Hey, go stand in that cave.” Shutter Clicks. That’ll do. Seriously awesome post.

Very, Very cool cave. That was a great find. And really love the softness of your people shots. Makes it feel very welcoming. Impressive work.

love love love that b&w with the tiny little person and the house.

Jonas you’re in my top 3 favorite wedding photographers. Its incredible to watch your photography grow with each wedding you shoot. Thank you for sharing this magical wedding with us.

Brilliant. That’s what I think. And how the F do you keep getting better?

Great pics Jonas, congrats!

These are so beautiful Jonas.

I love the top down view on the wedding table. Your story telling leaves me with such vivid images in my head of how the day was, a remarkable gift.

Look up the song To Build A Home by The Cinematic Orchestra. It fits perfectly with your sentiments.

what an amazing beach! and of course the rest of it too.

Tears in my Eyes – soo beautifully captured! – I hope too that one day 1 get to experience such Unified Love, comradship,Fun wedding day. You are a Magician!! :)

c’mon man, my tolerance for awesomeness is only so high. I just about overdosed on this wedding. That 2nd shot of the post… holy crap. I want a print. seriously… I want a print

Beautiful work as always Jonas, inspirational. Great story telling. Love it.

one word: Wow!

Amazing, Jonas. Love the fact that you don’t repeat yourself from wedding to wedding, but rather evolve your style and techniques.

That was all kinds of gorgeous. Amazing.

Feels like I was there. Simply beautiful.

As usually you have left me in awe and slightly blown away. Beautiful work. Your story telling through imagery is so amazing.

beautiful work jonas. there are some amazing images here. my favorites- the girls in a scrum for the boquet. ha!

WOW!!!!! Jonas what I love about your images is there is always an element of surprise. I see a lot of blogs of wedding photographers, the more commercial ones. Your images are always so different every single time. I’ve said time and time again that you are truly inspirational and your images are always so FREAKIN’ AWESOME!!!!

You are indeed amazing! I feel a bit like Benj Haisch..;)

Brilliant stuff once again. You tell the story so well through your images. I feel like I was a guest at this wedding after going through the shots. So much real emotion. You the man!

You really caught the essence from the surroundings.
Last frame makes me wanna book a ticket today and just go there. Bello!

These are great, Jonas; wonderful eye as always. I like the low contrast B&W. I do wish there were some split toned ones in here, though! Keep ’em coming, I am always awaiting updates =D

All the best, Z

kyle: handheld at 1/8s, I think.

Last image. Handheld or tripod?

Jonas that cave shot is beyond brilliant, bravo.

Such beautiful images I love NZ and you really captured their country and spirit and the images are outstanding the last one just took my breath away felt like I was there.

Wow! Those made me smile. :-)

these kiwis are for me. the lady with her tongue out, wrestling for the bouquet… i wanna shoot her wedding.

i’d say this post is better than buttercake. that’s a bold statement – hugh can attest.

Amazing photos. Mycket lycka i dem, lycka som syns på bild, det är bra jobbat!

umm “well enough”?!! Jonas this is pure delight for the eyes… i adore every frame.

jonas, i like ur pictures. a lot.

beautiful post with some amazing shots. I love the one of the couple with the arch of the cave over them.

PS, those beach cave portraits are amazing.

I think I just quit photography.

Hey Jonas!
That truly was the best yet.

INCREDIBLE WEDDING!! Wow, loved the whole series!