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March 30, 2021

I know I’m breaking some sort of rule here, because when you find a place as special as Harbour Island, Bahamas, you’re not supposed to share it with others, you want to keep it to yourself. But Harbour Island did something to me. It’s not all that easy to get there. You have to fly a propeller plane from Miami to Eleuthera, Bahamas, then jump in a cab to the harbour and then travel the last bit by taxi boat.

As soon as I set foot on Harbour Island, Waverly came up and hugged me.

We had only talked once on the phone, and then just in a conference call with several others, so I didn’t know her and David at all. But as soon as we arrived, all that changed. Waverly and David made sure we were part of their family and friends, invited us to their dinner parties and treated us like guests. Maybe it’s a Texan thing, Waverly and David live in Dallas. I don’t think I’ve heard people say “y’all” that much in my entire life.

“Y’all are family now”.

“Y’all call us when you’re in Dallas. Don’t you dare not to”.

“Y’all having a good time? Let us know if you need anything”.

Add the perfect planning by Stefanie from Yifat Oren & Associates and the absolute bliss of Harbour Island to that and our five days there was some of the most fantastic in my career, if not my life.

Good times with beautiful, sweet, sweet people.

Be still my heart.


For the camera nerds. This wedding was shot on both digital and medium format film. The film was scanned and developed to perfection by Richard’s Photo Lab in Los Angeles.

Today’s wedding is also featured on Once Wed. Head over there for more details (here and here)

Planner: Stefanie Cove from Yifat Oren & Associates

Friday: Catering by Little Island Design
Saturday: St. John’s Anglican Church, Reverend Russell and Rev. Paul Rasmussen of Highland Park United Methodist Church – Dallas, Texas
Saturday: Hair and Make up: Karen Catalyn of the Island Spa
Saturday: Cocktail Musicians: Rocky and Ersly
DJ: Daddy D (Devon Sawyer)
Saturday: Florals – Little Island Design


Welcome Reception – The Dunmore
Brunch – The Landing
Wedding Reception – Pink Sands
Church – St. John’s Anglican Church
Bridal Breakfast – Ocean View Club



Congratulation Waverly & David and thanks for choosing to have your wedding in the Bahamas. Your pictures shows that you and your guest has a wonderful time on Harbour Island.

Thanks Jonas, for sharing this wedding with us…

WOW!! what a beautiful example of how a destination wedding story should be told, amazing work Jonas! V.

Looking into a destination wedding at ideas

i just need to say love your website and work

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Great photos! Why did some of the night shots come out with squiggly lines?

I once visited Harbour Islands. It is a great place for vacation. Thanks for the Photos.

I really enjoyed the Photos of Beach Breaks, they are awesome, thanks.

Bilderna med musiken=MAGISKT. Fan vad bra du är, blir så grymt imponerad!

beautiful color, sir!! awesome..well done..! :)

good job

wow.. what an amazing wedding, and a beautiful record of the day!

That looks like the most amazing wedding! You must be very proud with the justice you have clearly done it. The shots of the musicians are particularly special!

I am crazy about this wedding! Candy for the eyes and heart.
Well done, sir!

I’m gonna stop checking your blog Jonas, your work is so flippin’ good it’s depressing me. That is all.

Love this set! The casual island photos remind me of a trip I took last January, and it was nice remembering it. :)

Beautiful work! Truly captures the energy of the location and the day.

Thank you for telling the “whole” (as in many photos) amazing story. Musical instruments, for me, are the icing on the cake…so vibrant and beautiful in all ways!! One of my favorites, definitely.

such a fun wedding and wonderful coverage!! i always love looking at your blog.

absolute magic, man. i got so lost in this story. thank you…

I’ve only recently come across your work and just cant take my eyes of it. Fantastic storytelling, yet amazing simplicity. And thank you for sharing your knowledge!

Oh Jonas. Had me in tears just a little way into reviewing the photos. I am always so engaged in your storytelling… makes me feel the love, energy, mood… everything. Amazing work as always.

You’re the best story-teller EVA Jonas…what a collection

Love the light and colors! Gorgeous!

Only one word… fresh and amazing !!! (ups sorry, two words…)

Hey Jonas, I read your article in ‘Turning Pro’ and just checked out your beautiful pics. Just wanna say a huge thank you because I feel more inspired now than ever to persue my photography. Keep taking those stunning shots bud and we’ll try to follow in your footsteps!

All the best,


Amazing. Really no other words!

Great destination wedding photography here – so much colour and so many awesome shots. I would love the chance to shoot a Bahamas Wedding!! Nice work.

As always, you whisk me away Jonas.

Such fun images! Each one is so unique and full of life!

You’ve done really excellent job! what a nice photography!






“Dilly Dally” made me laugh out loud, great work Jonas!

All your picture rocks.. Really great photos dude.. Professional photographers makes the difference :) Will stay in touch with you dear

Jonas. There is a naturalness about your photos which inspires the mind. I love visiting your site from time to time. I am also very envious of some of the destination weddings you achieve. Keep away from the UK, we need the work!

Don’t know what to say other than these are just stunningly gorgeous and heartfelt. It’s very rare that I want to escape into the fairy tale land of someones wedding, but this is one of those occasions. Well done, sir.

I don’t think there are words to explain how awesome your work is. Such a beautiful wedding and beautiful couple.

Wow! That ocean is gorgeous and so are these images! Wish I was under the warm sun!

du är sannerligen bröllopsfotografernas håkan hellström och det är det enda jag tänker skriva för jag tror att du förstår.


Words are not enough.
Source of inspiration.

I don’t know what to say other than.. WOW!

Awesome work Jonas. I can smell the smells and feel the balmy tropical air. This has got to be one of the best blogged weddings I’ve ever seen!

You’ve captured the soul of this wedding perfectly. And that is what you do best (in my opinion at least :), capture the soul. It isn’t just a wedding, it becomes something more. You make the photos come alive.

You’re ridiculously talented and this wedding is amazing. Also, how gorgeous is that couple? This is my favorite wedding of yours ever. Ever. Love it, amen.

oh man, I wanna be there.. now! Dig the light in some of those night shots

Amazing as usual. Totally brightens up my day (:

Amazing! And biggest blog post in the whole world ever!

Gorgeous location and wedding! Was the parade just for the wedding or was it a happy coincidence? Beautiful storytelling. I can vouch for Dallas, we’re nice folks here.

The Bahamas is a magical place, this brings back memories of beautiful people. Seems you found something even more magical there with Waverley, David and your lovely vision. Beautiful

HOLY SMOKES-amazing. Thanks for sharing.

love this jonas. she reminds me of natalie portman. love the locale and bride and bridesmaids dresses and the ridic party. well done

Just wow. Every single image is just stunning. Your storytelling here is just out of this world amazing.

I viewed this wedding about 4 times before commenting. There is just so much to take it. All the details of this unique day were captured so well. Great work sir.

Jonas, this blows my mind!! WOW, these are fantastic! I love how this whole posts tells a story. I feel like I was right there with you. Just gorgeous, job well done!!

Amazing presentation Jonas, can almost imagine being there at this incredible celebration.

helt utrolig. du er konge.

Dina bilder är fantastiska..älska´rom! :)

I feel like I was there! Stunning.
(P.S. Also, I lived on another island – Bermuda- for 6 years and this brought up a lot of good memories. Thanks for sharing.)

best post-processing by far. love the natural tones!

I run out of superlatives with you, Jonas.

Fantastiska bilder! Mycket inspirerande.

Wonderful! Every post of yours is a feast for the eyes … thanks!

Fantastiska bilder!!!

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You tell an amazing story Jonas. Amazing.

What a wedding! And you’ve really outdone yourself on the portraits this time.

Gorgeous shots, Jonas.

Hey mate…Simply stunning images…Such a fab story with images Jonas.

You have tied the knot for film and digital with this set. Great work at making a cohesive, gorgeous collection.

Oh my.
These images will be in my head for a long time, along with the music.

Once again, Jonas in action. Inspirational.

what the freakin’ crap…

welcome to planet earth, jonas. here we’re not quite as skilled at wedding photography, but your kind inspires us. carry on.

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The hybrid is seamless. You’ve managed to slay the dragon down the beaten path. What else is there to say?


Completely amazing. It looks like such a fun and beautiful wedding! Love those shots of the bride in her veil. Stunning.

Wow. Amazing location and just amazing photos Jonas.

You’re an amazing storyteller, but I really love the way you photograph “things”. The context to the story is just so beautiful. Nice work.

So blown away by this wedding. How fortunate you are, Jonas!

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Hell yeah dude…these are sweet! Love your vision, your coverage of their day is so honed and I can’t imagine anyone not getting a feel for their day through this imagery. Great job!

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It couldn’t have been anything short of amazing. Hats off :)