November 24, 2010

I’m editing like a man possessed to get everything done before I leave for Mexico on Sunday night. Here are a few more from Ant and Steph’s Sydney wedding the other day. It was bananas.


How DO you do it!? The LIGHT!

you’ve got this innate sense of composition. It’s really beautiful and it makes looking at your images comfortable and true x Lucy

That first shot was pure money.

That first shot is pure money.

Gosh, these are incredible… I can’t stop staring at the third one!

i always look forward to your new blog posts. love your work so much!

Ooo the light in the last image is delectable!

I’m laughing out loud at Todd Hunter McGaw’s comment, but couldn’t agree more at the same time.

love the symmetry of the first one!

its not a bad view from aqua either :)

jonas peterson, sniffer-outer of excellent light. make a nametag.

dude.. that first pic.. your eyeballs + your brain = perfect combo.. your skills amaze me.

You’re a master hunter of light. Each one of these shots is a perfect example.

That last one, gorgeous. So much depth, and yet, not much at all. Well done sir.