So, I’m still jetlagged from my trip overseas and wake up at the strangest hours. This morning I decided to at least use the fact that I was wide awake at 4 am in the morning, so I got my gear ready and headed out just before sunrise. I’m normally not much for taking photos of purdy skies (I’m lying, who am I kidding), but I felt I had to get out of the house. This is the view from just outside my house this morning. And every morning for that matter.


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  1. Wow…how dream is that scene?! A week ago I arrived on your website from an evening of serendepidous googling. I instantly fell in love with your images (started with the Sweden wedding shoot) and after a gander I had to RSS ya! Absolutely beautiful work… :-)

  2. i live at bald hills (bracken ridge side) and you don’t know how many times i’ve been *meaning* to get up at sunrise to take a photo on the mudflats at sandgate. i always put it off, however. this may just have inspired me enough to get up tomorrow morning. maybe.


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