When Surya and Nick contacted me about their Colorado wedding in July this year, I knew straight away I wanted to do it.

“We are having a fun, vintagey picnic style wedding on a mountain in Colorado with BBQ ribs and tons of beer.  It just seems like your style would be an amazing fit.”

It wasn’t just the mountain bit, or the beer or ribs for that matter, it was something else, something between the lines. They didn’t know I was based in Australia, but as with anything meant to be, we worked it out. The other week, Surya sent me an email telling me the DJ they booked looks like Ron Jeremy. Do I need to tell you how much I’m looking forward to shooting their wedding?

This morning Surya sent me their STD (oh yeah, I went there).

I think it’s pretty fantastic.

Save the date! 31 july 2010 from Kishi-Grover on Vimeo.


Så originellt och fint!

That’s awesome! I think my buddy mastered that record. You know it’s going to be a fun wedding to shoot when the B&G are that creative!

surya and nick-wow! i know about their wedding! great STD! jonas, you’re going to have a great time at that wedding. it does sound amazing!

I am already dying over it!! This is so cute (and eco-friendly). I cant wait to see all the pic’s. July is just around the corner :)

så sött!
o fin låt

Ohh wow!! I sure now my invitations card in the future are goingt to be something like this:)

Amazing. I grew up near Basalt!! Enjoy that one, Jonas – amazing clients.

Best save the date ever! Omg I don’t know these people and I want to go to their wedding! Haha… I can’t wait to see you shoot it!

oh cool that is my boyfriend and i’s “song” so to speak.. :) i can feel that this is going to be one amazing wedding! how do people think of such great things for their save the dates!! i have never seen anyone in australia go to such depths – do we even do save the dates here??

Absolutely amazing, this is going to rock. Lucky you!!!

That is a great SaveTheDate, absolutely love it, but I cant help myself thinking of STD as sexually transmitted disease. Sorry! Anyway, love your blog and your photos.

I’m really looking forward seeing the photos.
Ron Jeremy as DJ and you as photographer. Wow!

amazing! i seriously don’t know how they did that in a single day. it would take me a lifetime. perhaps two.

also, that is the #9 most played song in my itunes list, apparently. i like it a lot.

Kul idé! Såg något liknande på http://www.greenweddingshoes.com
Hon som har den bloggen, har gjort inlägg om dig där ( om du inte redan visste det:)).

Omigosh that is the cutest thing ever! What an amazing idea <3 it!

Loved every second of it!

Is that not THE best STD ever! You will have fun, we will have fun seeing what you do there. I almost can’t wait until July… almost. Best wishes Surya and Nick :)

This is such a fantastic idea. Thanks for sharing. This just gets my mind rolling with ideas.

between STD’s and Ron Jeremy references I beginning to wonder if my own wedding is becoming the greatest show on earth…MTV where are you?

i love it! gonna steel the song right of and give it to my soon to be girlfriend ( she dosn´t know it yet but she will )
the song btw is “this is the first day of my life” by Bright Eyes (i just googled it ;)