So much for blogging more, huh? Between traveling and taking some well deserved time off, I haven’t been very active here. Things are about to change though. My writing itch is back and needs to be cured.

I’m flying out to Perth and Margaret River this morning for a wedding there this weekend. I’ll still be available on email.

The forecast for Saturday is 40C (105F).

A friend in Sweden told me it’s -30C over there.

I really don’t know which I prefer.


vill inte skryta men i sorsele i sveriget var det -39C för någon vecka sedan:) tur man kan sitta vid datorn och drömma
have a nice day

Snälla hälsa Margret River från mig – det är en oslagbar plats! En dag hoppas jag kunna återvända dit… En del av mig “bor” fortfarande kvar i WA sen jag bodde där… En dag…

40c hope you’ve got your singlet and havaianas …. Margaret River is amazing have fun can’t wait to see the pics!!

i want to travel everywhere, all the time.


but right now, i know two places i definitely don’t want to be.