{Jeff & Rachel} ~ preview

(last image by the dude, Nirav Patel)

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  1. It’s like every time I log on here you do something else that I’d never even thought or considered, yet works 100% and looks amazing.

  2. It’s great to see someone already as brilliant as you can go so much forward. That first pic is an award-winner in so many categories :) Thanks for active blogging Jonas!

  3. I know am I not the first, anf for sure not the last, but your work is truly amazing. The way you see things and the world and share it with us, it is always breathtaking.

  4. Jonas! JONAS! That first shot is your signature dish. Especially since you already know how you want the final product to look.

    Inspirational and beautiful as always. Jeff & Rachel look soooooo comfortably in love – just as they should!


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