{Jeff & Rachel} ~ preview

September 21, 2011

(last image by the dude, Nirav Patel)


Stunning grading. With lesser hands it could be overkill but there’s something so honest and natural about your work. Really glad to have found your site for inspiration.

What do you use to edit your photos?

– Josh

The tones in your photos are stunning! I love that last photo with the light leaking out.

Jonas Peterson – you ROCK!
I love you man for pushing the boundaries

Had to comment again. Love that image of the couple in the forest amongst the trees and the light..

Wow. Such beautiful light and composition.

Nuts. Nuts. And more nuts.

It’s like every time I log on here you do something else that I’d never even thought or considered, yet works 100% and looks amazing.

Brilliant, bold compositions, miles ahead of just about anyone.

Lovely images Jonas, the one on the rocks…rocks!

They’re all good but the first one, man. Fine.

No.1 made me drop my sandwich…wow

WHAT? That first image, is that all natural light? I can’t believe it. Kudos!

Dude. That first shot. It’s been done, we’ve all seen it. But never that well. Good. Freaken. Job. :)

Art! They are like fairies in the trees! Beautiful photographs Jonas!

un ****en believable

Åh den första bilden är ju magisk!!

The second to last picture reminds me of Led Zeppelin’s “Houses of the Holy” album cover. Rad.

Holy shit. You just made me feel like crap.

Good work

You, Jonas, just as Carol Anne, cannot stay away from the light. And it’s beautiful.

Men åh, vilka käftsmällar du får till gång på gång på gång!! Underbart Jonas!!!

Amazing light and inspiring compositions.
Love it!

Wow! Stunning images, I love them all but the first one is just magical, like something straight from a fairytale. Superb

Nah scratch that. I love the magic behind not knowing. Superb work as always dude! :)

Love them all. Any chance of a sneaky B&A post demonstration on the first one?

This is looking crazy portfolio worthy. I didn’t even see the couple in picture 2 for a few seconds.

God says he wants his light back!

pic #1 is taken from a story book!

I love all photos. Can not wait to see more photos.

Wow…there’s some gold coming. Can’t wait to see it!

Du är verkligen gudabenådad!

Den översta bilden är helt underbar!

That rocky beach looks like a very special place, and the mood you got is fantastic. They look sort of holy (in a good way).

Holy crap, this is so good! I can’t wait to see the whole wedding :)

It’s great to see someone already as brilliant as you can go so much forward. That first pic is an award-winner in so many categories :) Thanks for active blogging Jonas!

Magical. That is all.

That first image is just amazing.

I know am I not the first, anf for sure not the last, but your work is truly amazing. The way you see things and the world and share it with us, it is always breathtaking.

The first photo is a good example of why you are my favorite wedding photographer!

Holy shit, that’s good.

You are a magician with a camera.

Jonas! JONAS! That first shot is your signature dish. Especially since you already know how you want the final product to look.

Inspirational and beautiful as always. Jeff & Rachel look soooooo comfortably in love – just as they should!

Phew. This waiting is tough man. Can’t wait to see the set :)

New Hampshire is beautiful! Looks like another world!

The shape & design of the last image is beautiful. They’re all good.. but that one really caught my eye.

Amazing. I have no other words.

this is just so rad. bloody brilliant.