Kim & Chris ~ The Chedi Hotel ~ Muscat

November 23, 2013

destination wedding at the chedi hotel muscat


Beauty! Gratulations!

Jonas … trying to reach you. can you send me an email address where I can reach you. thank you

Stunning pictures. I wish I could do that.

Impresionante esta fotografía, me encanta!! parece sacada de un cuento

Jonas… I have no words for this…

I think, one of your best pictures ever! my personal opinion ;)

The most beautiful photo of the most amazing and fun wedding!

amazing moment, beautiful!! ..and what a colors!

Beautiful capture. The colour is amazing!

Wow, what an amazing photo – simply stunning!

What Heath said, this would be a killer wall piece, and not like A1, but actually the size of the wall.

This could easily hang on a wall without making a couple look like douchebags. Lovely tasteful work.

Awesome! Can’t wait to see more!

… Talented … Not tanned!!!

Amazing. I honestly have no words. You are so so incredibly tanned Jonas. Thank you a million, trillion times over!

………….dude…………..u gotta stop.


it’s simply amazing….. :)

I think every couple would love to have such a picture hanging in their house…