Lauren & Josh

May 29, 2011

Men åh! Förutom den uppenbart fantastiska idén – kanonbra redigering.

Loved your images so much I just had to propose to my good woman.

The way that you captured or created light on the bride is incredible. You have so many photographs in such unique places. This is a beautiful shot, the light again is amazing.

This is stunning!! the background

I agree with what everyone else has said. Plus, the couple look so comfortable and relaxed. That speaks absolute volumes to me.

Love the lighting! It is great how it accents them so well… almost like a dream world

Trollskt vackert…!

That’s an amazing location JP! Love the strong composition and placement with the couple on the rocks. Inspiring as always mate.

That spot of light is perfection. Really really beautiful!

Wow. This photo is simply amazing.

No words can describe how beautiful this is.

Wow man. Simply amazing.

love this one jonas. beautiful shot.

Beautiful light. This looks like some amazing stage set. Great work.

Inspirational, what a beautiful image. I am totally drawn into this image you created.

Very beautiful work, beautiful colors and settings. Fabulous!!!

I love kondalilla falls! Epic shot dood!

Shit vad snyggt! Ser ut som en oljemålning, fantastiskt fotograferat & likaså efter bearbetningen!

Fantastisk bild! Så vackert med den mörka bakgrunden och hur paret liksom lyser upp. Otroligt.

*to their grandchildren.

Not yours.
Of course.

Truly magical.
Imagine this couple being able to show this photo to your grandchildren one day.
It’s just… unreal.

incredible photo

Holy Toledo this is nuts. Next-level.

Wow. Just wow. You never failed to amaze me. This is absolutely beautiful!!

Amazing lighting, beautiful spot!! The couple fit so perfectly in the frame… so simple, yet so sweet!

This is so beautiful it hurts

It’s almost as if they are floating in the frame. Excellent.