Monday night lightning struck our house and knocked out pretty much every piece of electric equipment in the house. I got a decent zap too. All my photos are safe, I have double backups of everything, but it was pretty scary when it happened. Thank god for insurance, hey?

If we don’t get back to you straight away this week, you now know the reason. We’re trying to read emails, but the iPhone can’t handle everything we need to do.

We won’t get internet back this week, since modem, airport, cables and other things need to be replaced.

And now I’m in Melbourne for a wedding here and we won’t be back until Monday.

Jac and I will try to connect tonight or tomorrow, but I thought I’d let you know what’s happened.

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  1. oh my goodness, I thought all that lightening looked to be pretty close…..apparently it was! Glad everyone is ok, must have been terrifying.

    I need to go do some backing up, I’m behind.


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