Mathew & Megan. Preview.

November 21, 2011


I usually hate wedding photography but these are beautiful delicate portraits! I love them!

Please tell me where this wedding dress is from.. I LOVE IT!

Man I love your photography. I spend a lot of time when not shooting weddings myself (in England) looking for inspiration from around the world. Your use of shallow depth of field really makes the couples ‘pop’. Great job!

They are all great but that vertical frame of Megan is just remarkable.

Nicely done. Her bouquet is lovely.

Breathtaking! I usually avoid products photographers endorse because in the end, the photographer just wants to make a buck. Knowing your character, I checked these out. I will be purchasing. The presets are like none other I’ve seen. Simply gorgeous! I can’t thank you enough for sharing these. With your name behind them, I know they will not disappoint.

Wow. So gorgeous. Love the picture of just her! The light is great. :D

These are just wonderful. Number two is def my favourite.

Pun not intended.

Real sense of stillnes and peace in these images. Beautifully shot and wonderfully composed.

What beautiful images:) And a super cute couple :) I love the background of the first image!

Like the simplicity of our style. Clean and stylish.

Lovin’ the classic look of these!

Love that first one and the one of her in the road. Can’t wait to see more :)

Total win for the dachshund sign. Great shots, Jonas.

Fantastic mate, looking forward to seeing the rest.

o my jonass! so super duper goober good dude. you have the “eye of the tiger!” just spilled my coffee on my lap at first glance!


I love her dress and the softness of these photos.

Love the first picture! :))

Ah ah ah ah ah! -ahmazing! What a CUTE CUTE couple. What was the reception like Jonas? The surrounds! Gosh. GREAT photos Jonas. VSCO = winner! Your skill = double winner! That couple = triple winner! Trifecta winner!

That was one of the most beautiful weddings I’ve ever seen, and they were a gorgeous couple. The photos…are amazing! Cant wait to see more!

beautiful! that first shot is so rad. =)

That dog… how do you find these things? Fantastic shots. Gorgeous couple. Perfectly Jonas.

Very nice – would love to know the VSCO recipe for these shots. I love light in the portrait of the ridiculously cute bride.

Beautiful images Jonas! I also believe you got to work with the one and only Josh Lamont! I love that guy.

They look like really nice people. Nice pictures of nice people. Nicely done, Jonas.