When Gerald saw Penny

Something about this made me cry – both then and now.

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  1. yes!! it’s written all over his face. it’s one of those pictures i can’t stop looking at. it is like he cares about nothing else in the world. what a moment in his life!!

  2. Boy oh boy! here I was thinking I was the only person who saw Gerald doing back-flips with excitement when he first saw me… but Jonas, you went a step further, not only did you see it, you captured it…. crazy!! All the emotions I felt at that very moment in life I now have forever, thanks to you Jonas, this one photo, and an incredibly sweet hubby. Thank you. Thank you. How lucky am I!! Penny.

  3. The look on the groom’s face when he sees the bride is one of the most beautiful moments in a wedding. That smile says it all!

  4. They have the most perfect names for this picture. You most definitely captured the true emotion with the touch of awesome. :)


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