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  1. Wow, awesome tonality and processing on this image! Thanks for also sharing the before & after – love your work as always JP ;-)

  2. One of my favorite things about your aesthetic is how so many of your photos seem like something out of a dream. A good dream. A good dream with lots of yummy natural light. :)

  3. This photo sums up ‘the bride’ image. When you think of a bride you think pure, innocent, beautiful, fresh & you get an emotional breathtaking response when you see them. This also adds a hint of mystery, leaves you wanting more!

  4. It’s cold and awful in Seattle right now. This image is exactly opposite. Thank you for a visual electric blanket.

  5. Hi, I’m a photographer from Barcelona, Spain. This is my second year photographing weddings, and your work is really excellent. subtlety, simplicity, naturalness … really incredible. My most sincere congratulations. I follow your work with true admiration.

    Best Regards.


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