rebecca and james like laneways

October 12, 2009



Wow! This shot is spectacular!!!

Amazing. Wish I had your eyes. Keep giving me stuff to drool over.

I love this shot – Im sure this bride and groom is VERY happy with these images!

Absolutely beautiful shot, Jonas.

Beautiful use of the light and the TS lens.

Love this!! Love the colors, love the geometric shapes everywhere… love it!

I love the steely blue and gray colors. It makes great contrast for a wedding image.

This is really cool!
You’ve pretty much got the whole TS thing down pat!

Just dropping a word to tell that I am always impressed by your creativity.
I hope that you will make people dream again and again !

Great shot! i love it. perfect lighting.

Brilliant location made even better with amazing composition. Your eye for detail is what makes you truly stand out.

Hur gör du för att få till den effekten av miniatyrkänsla? underbar

It seems that it is almost impossible to contact you. I tried it via e-mail, twitter and this is another attempt to get a response. I guess that you a very, very busy… I do not want to bother you in any way! I would just appreciate a short reply if I am allowed to write a post about you/your work on my blog (with two your three pictures from you) or not.Thanks a lot for your time!

Regards from Vienna!

What a sweet contrast, the hard cold concrete and the illuminating couple. Great picture!

oh man. so good. you worked all those high lights so well with that t/s.

Love it Jonas! Beautiful colors and framing.

Awesome Jonas! Somehow I knew you would be in this laneway – how was the view from Eureka??? Cant wait to see more!

Gorgeous Jonas! Can’t wait to see more.

damnnn talk about nailing the sweet spot… if i ever splurge on a t/s when i need something else it will be all your fault!

They & me both! Hurrah, laneways!