The room out the back

James Moes called me “the boy who cried wolf” a couple of weeks ago. We were both in Palm Springs to speak at the Beloved Festival. I had just written – yet another – blog post about me wanting to write more here on the blog.

“You say you will and then you never do”, he said and laughed.

Or that’s not true, James doesn’t laugh, he may have smiled slightly, his dry sense of humor shining through his hipster facade (I say that lovingly by the way).

And I know it’s true, I keep saying I’ll write more, but then I never do. The other day when I was flying home to Brisbane from Sydney I tried to break down why I find it so hard getting back into writing on the blog again. Part of it is because this is my shop front, my portfolio. I don’t have a separate portfolio site, this is the first thing my potential clients see when they go to my site.

This is my facade.

So I hold back.

Oh, how I hold back.

I’ve started a re-branding project where I’m moving the blog back. Instead of it being my shop front, I’m going to let it be my back room. It’s a cosy little place out the back, you have to go through my portfolio room to get there, past the bathrooms with the lavender soaps and folded towels, past the kitchen with that fancy Italian coffee machine and around the corner. It’s a small room with old beaten floorboards, a nice comfy couch and prints on the wall, art posters, quotes and notebooks spread across the rickety old coffee table made from driftwood. A place to relax in, where I can breathe, listen to music and talk about things.

If you look out one window you can see the ocean, through the other the mountains.

I want you to come in and sit down.

I just need to make those changes first.

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  1. Jonas, I love to write. In fact, it is my first love. But alas, work gets in the way. My blog is so very neglected and when I do post it’s usually along the same lines as you “I promise to post more often” etc. Lately, I have been posting less and less because, I also seem to be unhappy with almost everything I create. The joys of being a creative hey? I have but one sentence for you though – a picture tells a thousand words. I cling to that sentence every day and hope that it gets my story across too. xx

  2. Jonas .. i wait with much anticipation for the journey with you into the back room of your blogs. I am impressed very much already with your write, giving us a tiny window of the beautiful weddings you shoot. BRING IT ON!!!!! Ohhh and thank y o u. Xo

  3. Jag har fastnat både för dina bilder och det du skriver. Oavsett format vill jag se och läsa mer… Tack :)

  4. This post totally resonated with me. I find it a really hard balancing act too but really I’m pleased to hear that you will be writing more – look forward to reading your blog when it reaches its new home.

  5. Yeah, it’s hard. I love to write as an outlet but as soon as I sit down at the computer I go blank. Dylan and I were just talking about this the other day. I think you have to somehow get over the fact that anyone is going to read your stuff and just write for you. Be bold and be brave and also realize if it’s interesting to you it’s probably interesting to others, even more so than when you write when you feel you are being watched.

  6. I have been “stalking” your blog for several years now Jonas, and I love how honest your work and words are, and the fact that we get to check out your “back room” as you put it. I can’t look at a mason jar without thinking about your manifesto! And I hope one day I will have a wedding for you to photograph!- Don’t change a thing :)

  7. I find it really hard to write on my blog. I think it’s hard to find the right balance between personal but not too private.
    Looking forward to see your rebranding. It seems you have worked on it for quite some time.

  8. Hi Jonas, I’ve been following your blog for awhile now and I just wanted to say that your blog being your “shop front” is my favourite aspect of your site. I enjoy how it feels a little against the grain, as your work speaks for itself. That being said I’m sure which ever way you choose to articulate yourself will continue to be a pleasure to view and read.

  9. And I said just the other day that I missed your words in Ett liv i exil. I do want to come in and sit down in your back room. I’ll be sure to check back soon.

  10. It sounds so inviting Jonas, that room at the back. And, as always I am inspired by your striving to make things more you, more comfortable for you, to express and to be. So glad I met you.

  11. I remember you having this conversation and so very pleased you are going to do it. Yay ! I look forward to visiting the back room :-)

  12. What do you think made us reach out to you? your pristine shop front or the deeper parts of yourself we saw that showed us you were someone we wanted in our life? let us back in!


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