Sometimes I meet old colleagues from advertising. I know some of them wonder what happened to me. “Wedding photography. Really? Two years ago you won the Grand Prix in Cannes. And now…this.” I don’t know how to tell them how nice it is to work with people who actually care about the work I present. I’ve been in so many meetings with marketing directors and CEOs. Most of them don’t give a shit about the ads they put on tv – ads are something they have to do – they don’t care if they’re creative or not. And that’s the reason most advertising is crap, trust me.

Now I work with people who care, people who smile when I show them my work, people who appreciate what I do for them. For me it’s not about money, I could live on the high of making people happy. I was just about to blog Bren and Chrissy’s wedding when Bren sent me this.

“Jonas, you are the best photographer in the world. I still look at our wedding pics that you did for us and thank the universe you have such good google preferences! These pictures of such an amazing moment are so vivid it feels like you’re there with you all. Thanks again to you and Jacqui for being so effortlessly efficient, professional and for caring enough about moments in other people’s lives to tell their story so perfectly. Bren and Chrissy”

I certainly don’t think I’m the best photographer in the world, but I do know that I’m finally doing something worthwhile.

I make people happy.

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  1. Hi there. Can I just say how in awe I am of your work! And how modest you are about it too – I know you totally believe that you are not the best photographer in the world. But you know what? If I had my wedding to do all over again, I would completely want you to shoot it! I am a Kiwi living in Geelong with my family – been here for 2 years. I come from a graphic design background myself but have given it up to be a full time mum to my two children. I was supposed to be doing something constructive tonight. But i got into blog surfing and stumbled across yours – have been here for the last 3 hours!!! And then I came across this post and just had to comment (don’t normally comment on blogs…) I love your photography. love the compostition. the post processing. but most of all, love the story telling – with the esries of photos that you shoot for a wedding, but also the story you tell in each photo too. i just adore what you do and wish wish wish that we could have you to take our family portrait someday (i could settle for that because i can’t turn back time and have you as my wedding photographer.) i shall keep you in mind – how’s your schedule for next year? or the year after? have plans to travel down to melbourne then? maybe one day we’ll meet – i’m sure hoping so!

  2. Great post Jonas. Your words resonate with me because your journey is similar to my own. Keep it up mate, loving your work and your words.

  3. um, yeah, you might be the best in the world. in some way :)

    but i agree. i’ve always loved creating art of some form or other for its own sake – sketching, henna-ing, photographing, whatever it be – but doing it with the knowledge that someone will draw some kind of lasting happiness from it… that’s a sense of purpose like no other.

  4. And you make us, who read the blog, happy as well with your fantastic photos!


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