San Juan Capistrano

December 5, 2009

Yesterday I drove down to San Juan Capistrano, a wonderful spot with lots to explore. And still this is what I came back with. Sometimes I wonder what’s wrong with me. A photo of the lunch wagon, Jonas? Really?



Hey, haha, you know I read the interview/article in Kamera&Bild. And it has been fun following you from being a successful CW to now be a well renowned Wedding Photographer. And it´s amazing to see how swiftly your success came about in this new profession. For me its not very hard to understand though; you seem to have aesthetics in your blood! I wish you all the best in the future too. And i hope to continue to follow you for many years to come:)

only you could see the art in the lunch wagon…it’s inspiring really

LOL loving the tilt shift to ensure that attention is fully on the lunch cart! Perfect, Jonas ;-)

Can’t wait to see some real work from you from SoCal…

You just see differently. Don’t knock it, seems to be working for you ;)

Love it. Grew up in LA so it brings back memories…. :)

Have a look around Laguna Beach mate – you’ll love the architecture aspect and the cliffs. Also San Clemente is nice for landscape shots.

Well, it’s um… very characteristic for, um… California?

I like it at least. :)