{scott & karen} ~ wedding ~ noosa


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Katie Dill – This Body’s Only Rental

Gruff Rhys – Candylion

Ben Sollee – A Change Is Gonna Come

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    I am going to photograph a wedding soon, my first job and I am so happy, I hope I will be as good as you your! LOVELY!

  2. Hej! “Halkade” in hos dig o fick se dina makalöst vackra bröllopsbilder! Tack!

  3. You have a way of cutting the picture that truly make the details come out. Lovely!

  4. Absolutley great pics! I totaly love your feelings and expressions. Pure Love!

  5. OH! I JUST LOVE YOUR PICTURES! Gives me the goosbumps, totally! Keep it up :* And congratulation to the wedding, you are lovely, all of you.

  6. Getting better and better….. Love your BW’s and the ones of the little girl in the chair……

  7. I so love that first kiss photo in the church – it’s like they’re so happy that they can’t get close enough! The kiss looks a bit hard, but so sincere and full of love, and it makes my heart go naaaaaw!
    And the wedding bouquet is gorgeous, the lillies are as beautiful as the bride :-) And as a few people before me have already said, the picture of the little girl on the beach is truly awesome – as the one where she sit’s in the chair.
    Amazing, as always, Jonas.

  8. I am in love with your way of telling stories through the lens. The picture with the little girl on the beach is just totally amazing. And the way you manage to display the tension before the wedding – the preparations, the excitement – it’s awesome.
    Thank you for showing these lovely photos. Regards from one of your Swedish readers who never gets tired of the privilege of sneak-peeking into your life. Hej på dig!

  9. First time writer, long time looker of your photography. All I would like to say is that I am consistently impressed with your work. There are few photographers that I can honestly say capture real emotion, but you’re one of them. Thanks for sharing your stuff.

  10. I really loved the pictures from the beach; The light is almost like a fairtale or magic. The pictures of the lil’bridesmade is just adorable, I’m amazed of how good your pictures of children are, you make the children look so thoughfull and wise. Like they know something we grown-ups don’t.

  11. Great stuff, as always, Jonas. I’ve missed your wedding work. Good to see that you haven’t lost your touch.

  12. Lovely pictures as always Jonas. The little bridesmaid is absolutely adorable. Even though I’m not the marrying kind, your photography makes even my marriage-gene or whatever it is itch a little. Keep up the good work, every couple having you take their wedding pictures are a lycky one.

  13. so beautiful. you create such an amazing feeling in all your photos!! you’re a true artist!

  14. Completely gorgeous, Jonas.

    I was listening to a podcast from fstopbeyond.tv this morning and the photographer being interviewed said that the thing that defines a true professional is the consistency of work – you’ve got that consistency. Plus you have a definite style that people can spot a mile off. Awesome.

  15. Underbara bilder Jonas! You make me wanna get married :)

    min kille och jag flyttar till australien nasta ar, sa det galler val att borja spara nu sa man kan boka Mr Peterson som sin brollopsfotograf om nagra ar!


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