Tom & Brea – the flashy version

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  1. Love the photos, Hate the slideshow. It feels like the whole thing is about the funky crazy capabilities of the slideshow and not about the photos. Is this Animoto?

  2. Hi Jonas,
    This is beautiful.
    I’ve watched it a few times too!
    Who is the singer, the song is gorgeous.

  3. Läckert! Jag blir alldeles matt!! Det här bildspelet är ju klockrent. Helt underbart! Musiken kunde inte bli bättre! Måste börja dricka mellis…vad använder du för bildspelsprogram, är det gjort i flashplayer?

  4. Love it Jonas, some funky transitions going on there. Very unique and different slideshow, usually I don’t like putting funky transitions but these transitions work very well with the photos. Top stuff dude.


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