Hey Jonas, this is gold – watched it twice in a row and grab the wife to check it out too – too, too funny! love your work!

Hysteriskt roligt.. Liksom, jag-blev-helt-mållös-roligt.

Way too good Jonas. I LOL’d frequently.

That was too funny!! They seem such a nice couple..

OH MY GOSH I WANT TO BE BEST FRIENDS WITH THIS COUPLE. Every time I see that veil on Anthony/ridiculous/ham/brick picture I just start laughing so much. They are a truly awesome pair.

Pure genius! This is Brilliant :)

Ha, nothing wrong with too much bamboo!

I’ve sustained an injury. Too funny. Definitely don’t watch this while driving!

Too funny… bringing it home!

Ha ha ha, that is gold! No rangas, different shades of yellow and BRINGING IT HOME! :P

Precious! Is the whole thing an act or are these guys this uncommunicative? ;oD

Jonas was this the couple from your recent Sydney wedding blog post? Brilliant regardless hahahah!!!!

This is hilarious!!! HAHAHAHHA

I want to be their friend :-) Love it!

BOOHOOO!! No Rangas for them! LMAO The best vid ever!!

Ohhhh the end laughing bits just made the whole thing worthwhile for me… what a crack up!

Haha! Their timing was perfect. Awesome.

Brilliant Jonas. Pure genius. *giggle*

loved it…… ohhh still laughing…

LOL! LOVE IT! “Asian… Oh, that’s the yellow one”… “There are different kinds of shades of yellow”

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! They cracked me up with the “well you’re a woman” ….”now”.