{wedding} cassie & shaun ~ mornington

[audio:https://www.box.com/shared/static/uhgk5plg3prhtrfdsjv2.mp3|titles=Calm Me Down|artists=Port O’Brien]

Cassie and Shaun’s wedding was featured on Once Wed today. Go there for more details.

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  1. These are too good. The dance with her father is sooo touching. Made my throat hurt. Beautiful as always Jonas x

  2. wow vilka bilder. När jag fick se bilderna på pappa – dotter.. särskilt den liggande bilden där de dansar….så började jag faktiskt gråta. Den var så stark. Du är verkligen en duktig fotograf som kan fånga känslor på ett sådan fint sätt.

  3. This is amazing work. Beautiful captures, gorgeous subjects and scenery and most of all, you made me look at every picture, not just scroll through.

  4. hi jonas, i’m a long time admirer but first time to comment. i’m in love with your work. i just admire your ability to see a story unfold and being able to freeze those moments. i can’t even begin to tell you how much i’m drawn to your images. it’s so moving. every single one of them.

  5. Even by your high standards, this one is something special.

    For me, the light in the late afternoon/early evening shots is just magical. And the shadow on the trees – simply outrageous!

  6. Underbara bilder….kan inte välja någon favorit men den där bruden står med ryggen åt dig med jätteblomman är ursnygg…

  7. I fell in love with people and places I never been or seen or met. And it’s the spirit that you capture that shines through each image.

  8. These are all so wonderfully intimate. Just stunning.I love the way you’re able to set the scene, and tell the story, but it so transcends the story of the day… somehow you’re able to capture how everyone’s lives come together for such an important day. Bravo, Jonas.

  9. The father and daughter dancing wow! Those images feel like the center and everything else is turning around them. As a father with a young daughter they really moved me to tears. One day that will be me. Thank you Jonas.

  10. super jonass! boner quality! made my corndog stand mighty! you have great eyesballs for fantastic ‘between the moments.’ have a happy new years jonass and all the best for 2012 mate. you are the man!

  11. Lovely pictures. I wonder how you do your shift/tilt effect. Do you have this kind of lens og is it simply photoshop?

  12. I can honestly say that I absolutely adore your eye for photography. You are so incredibly gifted, it almost makes me sick! Beautiful wedding and stunning images, as always! Great work, Jonas!

  13. are you kidding me??? is that a shadow of the couple kissing on the trees? you’re NUTS!!!! i often have “how the heck did he” moments on your blog but this takes the cake… :) um, other than that… beautiful and unique moments as always!


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