{wedding} ~ Frida & Alex ~ Lipari ~ Italy

I normally wouldn’t include something like this in a blog post from a wedding, but this time it’s such a huge part of the story, so I simply have to. Alex only met his biological father once. He came to Stockholm out of the blue, they fought, they made up and promises were made they would catch up again on the island of Lipari, just off Sicily, where Alex father lived. Three weeks later, before Alex got to see him again, his father died in a tragic accident.

Maybe I mention this because I too lost my father, but I feel it’s integral to the images I’m about to show you. Alex father left him a beautiful house on top of this magnificent island and the wedding took place there, getting ready, ceremony and the reception that followed. I imagine this has shaped Alex in more ways than one. You can tell he’s a man that looks after his relationships. The love he shows for Frida, his mother, his half brother, step father and everyone around him inspired me immensely.

Helping me capture this weekend I had Jakob from Nordica Photography. I could write a whole blog post about his talent. And the wedding planners were my dear friends Mitra and Fabio. It was a love fest like no other.


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  4. It is always impressive to come here, you do a very special kind of photography, it’s a kind of special inspiration not just for me but to everybody here at work… I just would like to say how much I do appreciate your job, Jonas

  5. Hi there, just came across these wedding pictures. Love the atmosphere you have captured, the simple story telling and some inspiring bride and groom portraiture

  6. Hi, I’m from Singapore, came upon your website while reading up on lenses. Your photos for this wedding is really beautiful. I aspire to be able to take photos like you. The colors are soft and gives a serene feel. Your skills In capturing the moments and details makes the event feels like the perfect wedding ever.

  7. Hi there!
    I’m writing from Poland… And when my time to get married finally comes, I really want You to be there and take such amazing photos. I’m really suprised what can You do with Your camera, suprised and amazed. You have a great tallent, these photos are full of love and emotions, I really love them. Take care and keep doing what You do, because it’s beautiful!

  8. I stumbled across your site (was looking the ProPhoto website)..

    These are simply gorgeous photos.. I am sitting here with tears steaming down my face. Everything is absolutely beautiful.

    Thank your for sharing..


  9. this is so crazy, i was just browsing your amazing blog here and came across this post. my maiden name is trimboli, and my great grandparents were from sicily. i’ve never heard of another trimboli, let alone one from the same area as my family. can’t help but wonder if we’re related in some way…

  10. It is always impressive to come here, you do a very special kind of photography, it’s a kind of special inspiration not just for me but to everybody here at work… I just would like to say how much I do appreciate your job, Jonas. Thank you for that.

  11. Every time I look at your photos, it’s like a personal mediation for me; a secret world. Your photos, with the music, tell such a breathtaking story (as usual). Can I ask which song was used here?

  12. Wow.. just wow. The story was heartbreaking, the music didn’t help! The photos were eye opening and unbelievable. That last shot is just.. heart stopping and breathtaking!

  13. Really well seen and created images.

    My grandfather was from Lipari and unfortunately we never got to know that side of him as he lived away from us and so it’s wonderful to see something contemporary located in that part of the world and something with a real photographers sensibility and eyes.

    Thanks for sharing this.

  14. I sit at my desk, my 9-5 desk, with my heart hurting. The phone rings over and over again, I smile and answer, but this is not where I belong. Every now and then I open your blog on a side tab and flip through the images to help me get through the day. The images tell a story that I wish I could tell, or even be a part of. One day I hope I can escape. I hope I can offer someone else an escape. A medicine out of this jail of unhappiness. A place to be free.

    Keep on shining.

  15. I didn’t want the photos to ever end… so touching. I was in tears by the end of the set. What a wonderfully beautiful wedding. It was as if I could feel all of the emotion that went into their day and everything leading up to how they came to wed at this beautiful home.
    thank you for sharing

  16. I somehow managed to scroll through the pictures in perfect timing with the music so that it played out like a deeply heartfelt silent film. The photos, the story, and the love expressed in this post are incredibly emotional and heartwarming. You did a fabulous job of capturing the emotion and joy of this couple’s wedding day. What a powerful and beautiful post this is.

  17. WOW. I disdain the use of the words “epic” and “awesome” but I can’t find too many other words that would fit here. You are truly blessed to have the opportunity to photograph such beautiful locales and folks, and you certainly do the most with that opportunity.

  18. Amazing! I’m so happy I found your website back in the Silverfisken days and that I have kept coming back ever since, your pictures inspire me and push me to evolve my own photography, with my very first wedding coming up in two weeks. TACK!

  19. Jonas, you continue to inspire me like no other. I lost my father recently too and I can’t imagine there being a single more defining point in life for me as in that moment. I hope the way I treat others and my family would make him proud. Thanks for sharing yet more amazing moments that inspire people to come together and show love to one another. Breathtaking pictures in every single way.

  20. you’re pretty much taking photos of all the same elements as any other wedding but the way you do it is completely original and unique and epically inspiring! i am in love with ever single image you take and i’m not just saying that. i seriously mean that your photography moves me. thank you for what you do and for sharing it with us!

  21. You are amazing. These brought tears to my eyes. I love that they walked down the aisle together. Just beautiful.

  22. anything I say will sound lame after Mitra’s comment (ps. Hi lovely). yeah you did good, real good. maybe you should steal jakob from cole, he’s a good sort.

  23. I would call you so many bad names if i did not love you so damn much. DAMNIT Jonas stop making me cry!!! I was there, i planned, I officiated, and you STILL made me cry (again) and you still got me caught up with that perfect piece of music… which by the way ended with me being halfway through, enthralled. I was there, and you captured me in again. God I love you. Ok enough. Not good for your ego. xx

  24. Beautiful brother man… I had the pleasure of having a decent night on the drink in Stockholm with Frida (and Mitra) after your wedding so extra amount of love for this one.

  25. So well done. So, So well done. Keep laying your heart on the line and putting your work (all of it) out there. It takes small turns and open true hearts, like yours, to change the industry. Well Well done.

  26. Maybe it’s because I’ve been there – or because I’ve lost my father, too – this is the very first wedding on the whole world wide web that makes me cry. Apart from my own ;)
    Thank you very much Jonas.

  27. I think this is the best one i’ve seen from you Jonas, a personal favourite, the words were enough for me without the images but you have captured everything so perfectly. Inspiring stuff. Thank you.

  28. Beautiful scenery, beautiful wedding, beautiful music and what else could the photos be but beautiful also. Great work Jonas! I share the sentiment about the father lost also, 12 years have gone too quickly. Tx


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