{wedding} ~ joel & eliesha ~ melbourne

January 31, 2011


This blog is highly informatics, crisp and clear.

I love your view of the world. As a wedding photography I find your work both inspiring and challenging

really love your processing and going to spend time figuring it out at this stage wondering how much is in camera and how much is post ,maybe you cant have one without the other…brilliant and keeping me busy revisiting your work

The last one!!! just amazing

Lovely photos there, a great selection of work.

Seriously one of the cutest brides ever.

Her emotion is palpable. Love.

What a lovely gathering captured beautifully and energetically. I saw your bride on green wedding shoes and I had to see more. Second to last shot there is It. Money shot.

Great wedding and original bride with glasses!! Beautuful work!

Beautiful story! I just discovered your blog and I love your work, I often follow. Greetings!

Absolutely awesome, so so fun and joyful wedding, lovable couple, i like her smile.
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you da man jonas. i love this one.

I just get to keep on re-living it – thank you Jonas (I must be closing in on that ten million by now). Nice to see you have both my favourite – 170 and Joel’s favourite – 142 in there.

Beautiful as always but I love love the centered portrait of them hugging, so simple and sweet.

Brides with big glasses have to be the cutest thing.

i like these photos…..quite a lot. :D

the last one , just GREAT.

I really like the asian girl…..she looks like she’s having a really good time.

Bride of the year award goes to Eliesha. Great work, Jonas.

Jonas, brotha… this post makes me smile. Rad work dude :)

ahh what a beautiful smile she has!! Makes my heart happy! You my friend are the KING of weddings… I am in awe.

Style for miles on this set Jonas.

oh so beautiful! gorgeous photos and adorable couple! I especially love #316.

Great couple, great wedding and great work Jonas !

Very nice. Looks like a fun time. And those entrance doors– that’s so cool. Great stuff, Jonas!

Oh yay!
Glasses bride is back!
I just love her.

Oh yay!
Glasses bride is back!
I just love her. :)

One of my favorite of your weddings. This couple is so cute and I love how fun their wedding looks. Great job!!

That last shot is just pure bliss – what an incredible moment you managed to capture so perfectly. Brilliant photos, as always.

I love the style and details behind this wedding, you captured it perfectly. So many great photos Jonas…I’m consistently blown away by your work. Bravo!

jonas, i feel you have really made huge strides recently. great coverage all around.

Love your work. Was looking forward to seeing this full set ever since you posted that shot of Eliesha a while back!

you have rad clients. that’s prob cause you’re rad too. hope your 2011 is great man.

What a lovely bride. Great work Jonas.

Wow! So awesome. I absolutely love the portraits by the graffiti fall.

This is all so ridiculous. And I mean that in the best way possible.

That is one happy bride! Great wedding Jonas!

Freakin amazing dude. wowfactor is off the chart

Absolutely lovely!!!!
Love the look of bride!