{wedding} ~ joel & eliesha ~ melbourne

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  1. really love your processing and going to spend time figuring it out at this stage wondering how much is in camera and how much is post ,maybe you cant have one without the other…brilliant and keeping me busy revisiting your work

  2. What a lovely gathering captured beautifully and energetically. I saw your bride on green wedding shoes and I had to see more. Second to last shot there is It. Money shot.

  3. I just get to keep on re-living it – thank you Jonas (I must be closing in on that ten million by now). Nice to see you have both my favourite – 170 and Joel’s favourite – 142 in there.

  4. That last shot is just pure bliss – what an incredible moment you managed to capture so perfectly. Brilliant photos, as always.

  5. I love the style and details behind this wedding, you captured it perfectly. So many great photos Jonas…I’m consistently blown away by your work. Bravo!


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