{wedding} ~ Lauren & Joshua ~ Montville

July 15, 2011

Today’s wedding is featured on Polka Dot Bride. Go there for even more images and all the details.


Here everything has been described in systematic manner so that reader could get maximum information and learn many things.

good job done by caroline ben and picture clarity also good and love your style

What sort of processing do you do to the images to get that raw/ natural quality? It works really well. Also, love the way you play with perspective in some of these to make things seem outsize/ undersize.

What an amazing set! Marvelous work sir!

These are absolutely beautiful photographs! You did a marvelous job, Jonas.

A little lost for words on this post, truly amazing.

Insanely good work, Jonas.

I just wanted to say how inspirational and breathtaking your photos are! Absolutely stunning. But what I really love is how they tell a story…the photos where she was opening the present were simply charming. Thanks for the inspiration!
-An aspiring photographer

Beautiful photographs, I love the shots by the river!

Hey there I’m a photography student in nz and your stuff is simply amazing!.
I have my first wedding to do in feb 2012 and I was lost at where to start. But you have now given me the inspiration to do it. Thank you so much and by the way are you able to give me some tips and maybe even tell me what lens you have used. Thanks again:)
Yvonne Tunnicliffe

the groomsmen with the scorecard, assuming giving the kiss a rating? haha, very good, again nice work. the cropping of the guys infront of the building is good too..

Every single photograph is a piece of art. You are a genius!

amazing photos!! I think I m gonna spend this entire morning looking at your work.so far I have checked photos from two weddings only.excellent work!

I very much love the beautiful starry night. Simply stunning!

Sensational coverage. a real fun wedding. Love the photo of the guys holding the old tools

Planking at weddings.. the next big thing.. well done on this wedding coverage. great work.

Planking at weddings.. the next big thing.. well done on this wedding coverage – great work.

Very beautiful work,impressive

I keep coming back to look at your site – the photo’s are really inspiring.

Your photographs are gorgeous! Every one tells a story.

These pictures and the song actually brought a tear to my eye… Simply amazing

the stars in the last picture just blow me away. LOve the sky like that

Really beautiful. Love the storytelling of the opening of the present. The chap in frame 594 looks like he’s just had a personal crisis.

Really beautiful. Love the story telling of the opening of the present. The guy in number 594 looks like he’s just had a personal crisis.

Groomsman shack shot= SICK!!!!

Such a stunning set of pictures for a full wedding. They must have been very pleased..

Beautifully shots! Whoever shot these photos is really an excellent photographer.

Sew beautiful! (Yes, I just did that.)

The bride looks a little like Felicia Day, right?

I’ve seen hundreds of wedding photos by many, many photographers, and these are by far the best I’ve seen yet.
Absolutely amazing work.

another great thoughtful collection. that image of the couple walking up the aisle together just after the ceremony says it all…..

Jag älskar dina berättelser!

Vad underbart det måste vara att jobba med människor när de är så lyckliga. Det lyser om dina foton och du fångar den där äkta kärleken så fint.

Lovely. Really shows a fund and happy day. Still trying to figure out your post work tho :-) unless you just want to tell me ;-)

Everything about this wedding is completely surreal and dreamy…I LOVE it.

Jonas I am speechless, I aspire to be as brilliant as you one day amazing u make amazing photographs,these ones made me actually cry… <3 it

Looks like a bunch of fun!! Nailed it as usual man :)


Jonas. Du är från en annan värld.

that was so good. loved it!

Great pictures……. I really like to mention your creative sense of photography by the pictures in which you had taken the shot of sky, the one in which couple is standing in the jungle…. Awesome pictures…..

Nothing less then perfect from Jonas !!!!!!

An amazing wedding! You are the Master!

Amazing! And the music completes it! What is the track, who’s singing? I fell in love completlY!

You’re a magician, inspirational.

haha planking..so funny. Lovely couple. The weddings details were so creative! Anyways. Beautiful beautiful captures. So good, I had to say it twice. :)

Stunning…another Jonas masterpiece!

Easily one of my favorite weddings from you Jonas. What a beautiful day.

Love in every picture! Kärlek i varje bild. Mina ögon tåras.

Lovely photographs. Love the lake shot on the dock.

Oh, my… I love her dress, their style, and this wedding! Beautiful work as always Jonas!

Av en slump hamnade jag på din sida och sen dess har jag inte kunnat sluta följa den! Jag älskar dina foton Jonas och känslan som de hela albumen ger av bröllopen. faktum är att jag efter att ha sett allt du gjort inte kan tänka mig något annat än dig som min fotograf vid mitt framtida bröllop!
Jag undrar också om man kan se nånstans vad låtarna du länkar i början av inläggen heter?

Tus fotografias son el “súmmun”, amigo!! Cuando sea mayor quiero ser como tu :) Desbordas belleza con cada foto que nos muestras. Gracias por compartir. Bexitox

i have no words, i really don’t. this is great, better than great. all i can think of is, mumford & sons song sigh no more. ”
Love it will not betray you, dismay or enslave you,
It will set you free”

really great.

Always love your work Jonas, you don’t miss a beat!

We are not worthy of your awesomeness!

Too bad that the “your” in “while your waiting” sign on the cold beer is supposed to be “you’re.” Sigh.

A beautiful wedding- love the setting- beautifully captured as usual! :)

These are so beautiful, Jonas!

Love you work Jonas, great storytelling!

The “planking” shot is a classic! ha, ha!

So warm & welcoming. I’m always amazed at how you can be in all places at once, you never skip a beat, you’re tuned in & everywhere at once. So very beautiful.

really beautiful pictures! what kind of camera do u have?:)

Jonas… you never cease to inspire … blessed is all i have to say …blessed


Awsome! That’s telling a story – I got the feeling I was there.

Glad I’m not the only one horrified by the grammar on the beer sign! lol

What I love about your work, Jonas, is the creativity and compositions in the more documentary images. Truly inspiring.

Amazing wedding!! and great photos!!! Well done!!

Incredibly beautiful!

This was clearly the most fun wedding ever. Love the 6 3/4 groomsman. Gorgeous set of photographs…. just gorgeous.

I’m amazed about your colors and how you see light. I struggle to get the right colors and light but I will get there in a couple years time :-) I think this is your best work so far.

love it JP. good work with the tricky ceremony light.

Some EPIC shots in there!

So, so beautiful. Interesting, original and with some kind of sincerity that has to come from within you. Very inspiring.

quirky and unique. I love the story, the details and the feeling that you were the fly on every wall. What a great couple to capture too. It’s refreshing to see weddings shot with such style.

Vilken saga ! Fantastiska bilder – älskar känslan i dem!!!

Hade gärna gått din kurs – du kanske ska ha en i Sverige så småningom :)

What an amazing set of photographs. I know when wedding photos of people I don’t know make me teary eyed, they are gooooood! Beautiful work!

King Jonas! You rule! Oh Lord, I´m near to be religios!!

double high five! freaking amazing work jp

DUDE! flip you rocked it man!
Well done

I can’t even put words to my reaction…it’s so amazing

Wow, I’m at a loss for words. So many beautiful pictures.

Your post is always money, Jonas. The groomsmen group shot, however, is a tad heavy-handed, in my humble opinion. Might be this ipad’s rendering.

Beautiful. Can’t pick a fav! What is with the planking everywhere though!

these are so so so so beautiful

super good man. stoked to learn from you in SF.

it’s lovely to see the wedding be about the people.

These are amazingly beautiful, as always. He got her a Bernina! Ooh. My. I love this couple.

Wow man, just awesome, soulful, beautiful and inspiring images.

one of the best yet!!!!!!! the multilayer tilt shift magic is killer!!!!!!

Jonas, this one brings me to tears. Your work has always been the highlight of my day!

Totally blown away. I feel like I know these people – your photos make me so happy for them. And the music is beautiful – can I ask who it’s by?

Jonas, this wedding is awesome.
I love the different boutenniers, and I love the planking shots. so much personality! Great job as always, i’m always impressed with your work.

Story telling at it’s best.

Every day i’m here looking for inspiration.
Hugs from Brazil.

a beautiful wedding, beautifully captured…awesome style and colours.

Love these photos! There’s so many great ones its hard to pick a favourite! I wrote that little note about Josh, hehehe, he really does have the best taste in music! He introduced me to The National, what can I say, changed my life.

I was really into this story then I ran across the planking. Hilarious! I fell out laughing. Great work as usual Jonas. You never cease to amaze me with your talent and vision.

wow, these pictures are amazing! this is art!

Love it, this is beautiful in so many ways.
Plus 2 shots of planking, haha.

i don’t know why but this wedding feels like home to me. :)

it doesn’t get much better than this. you always blow my mind.

jonas you are a killer.
thats so beautiful. your one of my “all time” favorite idol.
thank you for sharing this pictures with us.
i bow to you.
greetings from germany

I love reading the story of the day through your images. Brilliant work Senor Jonas.

you did some work indeed. this post had a little of everything fantastic. awesomem.

Respect man…respect!

Stunning!! :) Absolutely amazing! but what was in the box?

Rustic, unique, simple yet phenomenal. Jonas, it’s always exiting for me when I see that you’ve added a new album. You are my photography idol! Incredible.

Amazing & stunning as always! How do you pick the music? Do the couples have a song they like or?

this is classic. yellow balloons! boating! planking! everything. you da’ man!

Stunning photography!

This is absolutely fabulous !

Great job Jonas !

your photos tell about superlatives stories…

PS, I LOVE the fact that her dress acted like a reflector onto his face during the ceremony.

beautiful. i love the portraits, the photos on the boat… and the bouttoniere’s. love this wedding.

All your incredible pictures have almost distracted me from the fact they can’t spell ‘you’re’ ;)

STUNNING, as always.

LOVE IT!!! so many great photos…bravo

you are truly something special, jonas. blows me away. amazing!

dude, you make the simple things look beautiful & the hard things easy. Just out of this world.

Beautiful photos! The last one this stars really Amazes me, never see stars like that in New York!