{wedding} luke & amelia

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  1. I love the attitude of the one of them on either side of the tree. It has the feel of one of those stills from a movie in the 40s, even though it’s very modern.

  2. Jonas, the last image is incredible. So are the others.. but that one really does something for me! Just so impressed by you and your work. Can’t wait to sort out a time for our engagement shoot!

  3. These look like they were taken at dawn also….but I suppose they were done in the evening? The hand-holding shot really is cool with the crashing surf ‘behind’ them.

  4. Hej!
    Jag har glömt dig för ett tag, men hittade idag tillbaka.. wow, hur kunde jag har glömt? Du är fantastisk.

  5. Jonas, your images are breathtaking, and when Amelia told us you were her wedding photographer…. well, I’ve been eagerly anticipating this post and it’s…Awesome!

  6. JP, I like the subtle, natural vibe in this series of images. Especially the sunset over the fishing rocks – so Australian :-)

  7. Do you carry around this huge bag of awesome light and then unleash it just before you are about to shoot? Brilliant stuff.


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