{wedding} megan & mathew

[audio:https://www.box.com/shared/static/x2birrmdzi3donhjj0j1.mp3|titles=I Can’t Give You Up|artists=Kathleen Edwards]

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  1. the photos are great, the next time I get married I choose you as photographers
    sincere congratulations

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  2. Your work is simply breathtaking. Makes me want to move to Australia and get married all over again just to get my hands on some of your stunning photos. Beautiful.

  3. Some fantastic images there, like the post processing, keeps the same kind of style throughout the sets. really like what your posting. am also playing with pinterest but like you find it hard to do it all! great source of inspiration, thanks for sharing, regards, Jay – Bristol Wedding Photographer

  4. Jag kan inte exakt sätta fingret på det men nåt i stil med …. “du fångar det varma och trygga men på en skört och oskyldigt sätt”

    Helt enkelt så jävla bra !!!

  5. Absolutely most certainly very cool. Lovely to see the bride being given away by dad and mum … and also without a gaggle of bridesmaids and groomsmen ;-) … well done to the couple and to Jonas for capturing it so well.

  6. This taught me something important about the word “capture”. What a blessing it must have been to be a part of this beautiful couple’s wedding day.

  7. one of my favorite things about your images is that I always feel the personality of your clients coming through…this couple just seems so sweet and at ease. I love your work, Jonas.

  8. Wow. Thank you. I went and bought a bottle of champagne before viewing this, totally worth it. You’ve captured the beauty of this day above all else. I love the way the pinks and greens really shine and I love love love that bouquet!

  9. Once more you knock me sideways with the beauty you’ve captured at a wedding. Absolutely lovely control of light, as ever. That black and white portrait of the couple near the beginning is simply knockout.

  10. you are the best photographer I have ever seen. your work is amazing and every time I see it´s like reading a favorite book .

  11. Jonas, amazing! I’m running out of witty things to post!
    Your work is breathtaking, and it inspires me to do better.
    Oh, and she is gorgeous!

  12. JP.

    My friend, this got me. I don’t know what it is, but you have captured the moment. So pure and natural.


    Much respect!

  13. Your pictures are so wonderful. They’re refreshing. I agree with Mary, its a treat to look at them. A gift to us all who follow you. That sounds cultish, ha, and I don’t mean it that way. I just mean, you’re great. And this wedding looks beautiful. The bride is an absolute stunner.

  14. Beautifully captured as always Jonas. I can always get a tiny glimpse of what it would be like to be a guest at these beautiful weddings from your images. Never fails to put a smile on my face.

  15. amazing. every-time i see a new Jonas post i get my husband, press play to the music, and we slowly scroll through the pictures…your frames are such a sweet treat.


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