the colours of bali

June 7, 2009

Shooting a wedding in Bali proved to be both extremely easy and a bit of a challenge. Everywhere you go in Bali the colours are rich and beautiful; your senses get an overload of visual splendour. Finding details to capture was very easy. The Balinese are also extremely friendly and accommodating and made my week truly remarkable. The tough bit was the heat. Living in Brisbane, I’m used to hot summers, but the humidity in Bali was no laughing matter. I was sweating the minute after I stepped out of the shower. Luckily I don’t think it affected my performance on the day. Here are a few shots from the week, I will post the full wedding post soon, I can promise you it will be special.



nice shot, you camputure unique things too, that what we didn’t shoot as a wedding photographer. I need learn from you :)

Awesome shots!!! :) Love them as usual

Oooowwwaaawww, this pics are absolutely wonderful. The best of the best! Grattis mannen!

Awesome! Can’t wait to see more!

yay! fantastic already. can’t wait to see the rest! gorgeous colors…

Cant wait for the rest of them… Look wounderful, what a plesure it must be for you, both as a photographer and as a human to be invited to such special occations. I´m in awe!

cultural weddings are the best!!! these are wonderful!

I feel like true blogstalker now. But wow your are the best!

Amazing photos as always. Love your pics. Wish I could do it!

think you could stop for a while and give the rest of us a chance to catch up?

I absolutely LOVE the pic with the little girl. Wonderful.

your way of focusing on the details are what makes your photos so very very special. Underbara. Helt underbara.

As wonderful as always. And before someone says something stupid: the swastika is a widely used symbol in Eastern religions and has nothing to do with nazism.