I like this photo. A lot.

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  1. It looks like a very peaceful moment :) That little smile on his face says something that a million words couldn’t begin to describe. Beautiful capture!

  2. I’ve said what I want to say on this matter already, but why did you feel the need to leave a comment saying “unless you are a 14 year old girl who just got a camera this is not a great photo”? You do understand that my clients read the blog too?

  3. Re: my original post ‘my opinion counts for little’ as I am not a professional photographer. My friends children are however potential future clients of Mr Peterson. I find it interesting people feel this blog is a suitable place for personal attacks or self-righteous juvenile comments. As I said before my email is real and not anonymous to Mr Peterson.

  4. There’s lots of sayings. Personally, I like ‘Criticism is a study by which men grow important and formidable at very small expense.’ So belly up, Carnie; if you like anonymous, unsolicited criticism so much let’s see your work.

  5. Carnie, I think the responses are defensive because your critique was completely unsolicited. Not good form.

  6. I like it too. It kind of makes you stop and wonder what he’s thinking or feeling. Looks like some great satisfaction with finding beautiful sunlight in a field, drawing the mind away from whatever’s going on behind that fence.

  7. There is a saying ‘The strength of criticism lies in the weakness of the thing criticized’.
    I am simply critiquing a photo with my own personal opinion not attacking you or your readers personalities so surprised at the defensive responses in return. Because I made a opinionated comment on here you think I am a jealous photographer. That’s odd. That is my real email address Mr Peterson.

  8. I like it too. Now can we see more?

    P.S. A camera, lens and post-production are simply tools. I can hand anyone a toolbox, but only a real craftsman could use it to build something beautiful.

  9. Bravo – such a warm photo – in fact the chappy even looks as though he is content to just stand there and soak up the warm sunshine! I very rarely touch on other peoples comments as all opinions are subjective, but im very keen to see some of Carnies work. Great job as always Jonas.

  10. Some people in this world are incapable of seeing beauty or the emotions that a photo can show us. Photgraphy like all forms of art are interpreted with personal opinions,our experiences in life and of course personal taste.
    I think your work has wonderful images of beauty and emotion and I’m pretty sure your clients feel the same.
    Ignore the critics Jonas, allow their comments to make you strive for more.

  11. Hi Jonas! This man really looks like he is enjoying some thought a lot! Love the light and the grass and the look on his face! Amazing work as always!

  12. Carnie: I’m guessing you’re a fellow photographer who don’t like my photography or the comments I’m getting. Wouldn’t it be better to leave your real email address instead of a fake one? Oh, and I’m a 37 year old man and I love this photo. I’m not going to try to explain to you why I like it. What’s considered “good” is subjective. I seem to do alright and a lot of people like what I do, that’s all that matters to me. I will leave your comment, but I think it’s sad you have to leave comments where my clients can read them.

  13. My opinion counts for little but…i usually really like your work (calling you a photo god is a little too much i think though considering all the work a good camera, lens and post production can do for a photo)…however this is a photo of a man standing in some long grass with some industrial containers behind him with the sun blinding his eyes…unless you are a 14 year old girl who just got a camera this is not a great photo.

  14. Jag oxå. Härlig, varmt solljus. Ser ut som han står o myser i det höga gräset. Detta i kontrast med containrarna(stavning, nej jag går inte i andra klass)… Värme och lugn i hans ansikte mot hård o kall metall i bakgrunden. Härligt!


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