jake & tahnee

May 31, 2010


some of the best photoshop work I have seen

Dude, your photography is outrageous… And I love the creative layouts of your blog posts… breathtaking work.

Haunting pictures. And what a perfectly gorgeous dress!

ah, a Paul Smith groom! i love it when the groom shows their sartorial side. beautiful photos.

gorgeous! I really really like the portrait on the mountain(?)–in Texas, we don’t see many of those. It looks like they were both illuminated by two openings in a cloudy sky. breathtaking! I hope the couple has a HUGE print of this!

I started trying to remember which particular shots to highlight in my comments but actually as I worked my way down the page I realised that actually they’re all stunning! AND loving the blue shoes!

@Human: Yeah, this is very close to sunset, so the light is not as harsh. I don’t use reflectors or flash.

seriously, jonas. it’s been far too long since I have seen your work. as always, it boggles the mind to get a glimpse of your creativity. much love from us!


Jonas, very nice pictures as usual :)

The first two photos. Are you using a flash to light their clothes and hands? Or is the sun so weak at that time of day that you just can play around with aperture or use a grey-filter?

That fifth shot down is killer. Good stuff, Jonas.

They are absolutely beautiful! How long have you been photographing weddings for?
It’s just amazing. Great work!!

pure magic, every single photo

These pictures were soo gorgeous!! Thanks for blogging inspiring pictures like these!:)

Älskar höjdbilden med trädet! Färgerna, stämningen, kompositionen allt är helt fantastiskt! Du är ett geni som kan göra så mycket med så lite.

Hej Jonas,

Vill bara berömma dig för dina underbara bilder som förmedlar så mycket känsla och passion.
Royalist som man är, önskar jag att Du skulle fotografera det stundade kungliga bröllopet i Stockholm. Du känns som en fotograf som skulle göra både dagen och de inblandade rättvisa.

Önskar dig och dina en underbar sommar!

Hälsningar från ett försomrigt, underbart Stockholm!

My favourite blog post of yours for a while – love the one with the tree and the beautiful sky.



Wonderful! Photo #5 is one of the most beautiful ones I’ve ever seen… So good inspiration!

The pink & blue tones are perfect, as is the backlighting (something which you nail in every shot) I dont know how you manage it but the sun always seems to play ball when you & your camera are at work.

There is no favorite here.

tu est vraiment trop bon!!

I love the toning of the 3rd and 2nd last images, pretty pinks and blues!

Loving these, Jonas. Your backlighting is great as always!

Love the two of them on the sand dune with the falling tree at sunset. So epic!